♥ / Loftie: Less Screen, More Dream

A big thank you to Loftie for sponsoring my blog and RSS feed this week.

Did you know the alarm clock needed reinventing? Because it did. Why? One word: Smartphones.
When we set our smartphone alarms for the night, they, and all the stress they bring along, practically follow us into bed. Then, they’re there to ‘greet’ us when they go off first thing in the morning. And when we’re trying to drift off to sleep or start the day with a fresh perspective, the last things we need are worrying news alerts, extra emails from the boss, and texts from our exes. Cock-a-doodle don’t.

Loftie is a technology wellness company that’s here to bring much needed peace and calm to your bedside. Their brand-spanking new flagship product, the Loftie clock, is designed to help you break up with your smartphone alarm and get a better night’s sleep. Featuring a unique two-stage alarm, cozy nightlight, bespoke wellness, meditation and even insomnia-friendly storytime content, Loftie is everything you need, and nothing you don’t, for a dreamier (read: less tech-addled) bedroom vibe.

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