♥ / Start Your Interior Design Career at Parsons

A big thank you to CPE at The New School for sponsoring my blog this week.

This fall, gain essential skills for a career in designing residential or commercial interior spaces with the Interior Design Certificate at Parsons. This online program offers experience in two- and three-dimensional drawing and sketching, hand drafting, and computer modeling. In a series of eight courses you will gain:

– An understanding of the effects of color, texture, and materials in interiors
– Proficiency in hand-drafting formal drawings including floor plans, elevations, and reflected ceiling plans
– In-depth knowledge of the core design elements of scale, proportion, balance, and ambience
– The ability to use the industry software tools Rhino and AutoCAD
– An understanding of trade information and project sequencing

Fall registration is now open for courses beginning August 30th. Enroll today.

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