Friday Link Pack

- Baby swans ride on their mommy swan’s backs. For real.

- Students! Join Team Tattly for the summer.

- Jason Polan drew a life size giraffe.

- Alice in Wonderland from 1903

- “I Don’t Understand White People

- Green Glitter Hippo. Yup.

- MoMStore Announces Open Call for NYC Product Designers!

- Photojojo has a tutorial on how to make clothing out of your photos. (via @brainpicker)

- New York City’s hidden rooftops (via @abstractsunday)

- The fine folks at Behance are looking to hire an interaction designer.

- The Urban Etiquette Project

- CreativeMornings is now a 29 city force. YAY!

- Does your mom insist that she doesn’t need any gifts for Mother’s Day? If you still want to give her a gift without getting yelled at, you might want to consider donating to this really lovely organization.

- Video Proof of Jessi’s World Record with her World’s Largest Rainbow Parade going over the Brooklyn Bridge.

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