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– I like the idea of a Hello Page. Explained here. (via)

– Wow! I had no idea what the different colors on the twist ties on loafs of toast bread meant: How to Get the Freshest Loaf: Breaking the Bread Code (Also, yes, I miss Swiss bakeries)

Minimalist Phone makes me wish I had an Android. (Does a smilar app exist for iPhones?)

Butter ear studs. For Butter lovers like myself.

– As a Swiss and trained graphic designer I appreciate this Instagram Account entirely dedicated to Swiss poster design.

These sneakers made me giggle.

Kevin Kelly’s life advice is a treasure trove. I especially love this one: Whenever you hug someone, be the last to let go. (It’s something I have become known for and call “hugging awkwardly too long!)

– Bookmarking this Twitter question and all the answers.

– An Instagram account dedicated to public transportation seat patterns. Love visual niche content.

Cornelius teaches you how to make your own clothes. National treasure. (Thanks Ben)

– What kind of background noise would you like? Coffee shop? Japanese Garden? Singing Bowls? Cat purr?

– Want! Splinter Tweezers

– Intereting read: Everyone’s a sellout now, by By Rebecca Jennings

– This made me laugh: Seating with a built-in cat tunnel. (via Chris)

– Yes, its ridiculous, but also FUN: ride on car for kids that cleans the floors while they ride it. Give me one in grown up size, please.

– Here’s a way to prank your parents or look cool for a few days: Check out this new Tattly Sleeve by Tattoo Artist Jessi Preston.

My life has been super busy lately. I miss posting here. Thank you for not giving up on me and my little online garden.

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This conversation moved me deeply. The question of “Are you engaging in your own campaign of misery?” stopped me in my tracks.

– “A walk-and-talk is a moveable salon. A small group of invited people walk together for a week, having casual conversations side-by-side during most of the day. In the evening the group sits down to an intense hours-long discussion centered on topics chosen daily by those present. A moderator keeps the conversation on that day’s single topic to sharpen it and make it memorable” How to walk and talk (You can download a PDF)

– I have never seen anything more soothing than Pandas playing in the snow.

This Troika team exercise is fantastic. We have done it at few times within my teams now and it’s incredibly powerful to help others think through their challenges. Empathy building!

– Wow! The exact moment tv news switches from black and white to color in 1967!

– ‘Arquitectura Libre’ is a site collating the colourful, rule-bending buildings of India & Mexico.

– A week ago I hosted a Coffee-Shop-Pop-Up in my home and it was a big hit.

– Yes to a Stainless Steel Sharpie.

Gastro Obscura’s list of 50 Places to Eat and Drink Before You Die, including a pizzeria w/ a volcano oven, a Bangkok bistro serving 45-year-old stew, a BBQ vending machine, and a farm serving moose milk cheese. Jason curates the best stuff.

A unified theory of fucks, by Mandy Brown (via Chris)

– Excellent read: People Are More Generous Than You May Think

– So. Many. Beautiful. Shelves.

– I am dreaming of buying a Wood Fired Hot Tub. This post is thorough.

AudioPen converts voice notes into text that’s easy to read & ready to share.

This resonates.

– Where in the world do mean man sit down to wee? Interesting statistics.

A guide to getting rid of almost everything

Puzzmo. Fun!

– The New York Times gathered and analyzed 121 menus from restaurants all over the country. Love this visual article.

– The Basecamp crew just launched Campfire, a super simple group chat, without a subscription. One time fee of $299. Wow! (I love Slack but it’s cost-prohibitive for larger groups!)

Focus On The Good Tattoo

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Feist and Hundreds of Choir Members Sing ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ in Tribute to Sinéad O’Connor

– Stumbled upon this old PRINT post in which I share my dad’s Fondue recipe. A blast from the past.

Rest of the World captures tech stories from everywhere around the world outside of the West. (Via Chris)

Who got time for deep community? By Fabian Pfortmuller.

Whale bolster cushion, come into my life.

This made me giggle.

What neighborhood do you live in in NYC?

Quilt Bot will convert any image into a quilt pattern. (via)

– WOW! A Forgotten Vault Where Michelangelo Hid and Sketched For Months Opens for the First Time

How to Make Chai

– Study finds the thinking pattern predictive of success: Optimism.

“10. Don’t just resist cynicism — fight it actively”. These personal lessons from my friend Maria are beautiful!

– I dig this bee pin. Also this grumpy cat.

– Excellent read: If capitalism is a cancer, what are we? What immunology taught me about living on Earth (via DD)

– Dr.Gladys McGarey is 103 years old and considered the mother of Holistic Medicine. She shares the secrets to a longer, healthier, happier life.

Interesting thread. Loved this nugget: Energy > competence.

– I have signed up for DMAchoice to opt out of physical junk mail. It seems to be working.

– The other day I wore this Flower Tattly by Lara Maju and so many thought it was real. Still makes me chuckle when people think I’d actually get a real tattoo.

I follow Caroline Weaver on Instagram and thoroughly enjoy her small independent store shopping adventures. She curates Locavore, a NYC digital directory for IRL shopping.

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– Design legend Michael Bierut is speaking at CreativeMornings/NYC on October 6th. Join us in person or via livestream.

– “Nothing can make our life, or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness.” – Leo Tolstoy

– Made me smile: The Plot of All Objects in the Universe

– A grass-roots movement aims to recast urban living in Paris and other cities around the world through a hyperlocal prism of neighborliness. Parisians Are Pledging Allegiance to the ‘Republic of Super Neighbors.’

– This summer I spent a night in this INCREDIBLE old tower in Northern Italy. It’s beautifully renovated and offers 360 views on the rooftop for sunset and sunrise enjoyment. One of my favorite Airbnns I ever stayed in. Highly recommend.

This is fascinatingly absurd.

– “I’ve learned that my body can go places that my mind might not have imagined. There is something about placing a goal or ritual in your body. That’s what time (and repetition) does. And that’s where the magic lies.” Endlessly inspired by my friend Patricia Garcia-Gomez

– I am a huge fan of Various Keytags. My favorite go to gift Loved that they are now offering engraved QR codes.

Do parallel universes exist? We might live in a multiverse.

– The scam era is upon us. Thanks AI. Convenience and scams. Thanks Seth.

Beautiful post by Joanna Goddard about things that surprised her about her divorce.

– Tempted to use Framebridge and wondering what the quality is like.

Rocumentaries: Curated links to the very best documentaries on streaming services. (via Chris)

– See what areas of NYC are still flooded with this NYC Stormwater Flood Map.

– Umberto Eco’s notion of the “antilibrary” is such a wonderful way of thinking about the value of unread books.

– Did you know Tattly collaborated with Richard Scarry and created a line with some of his iconic characters.

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Spaghetti Mayhem. Thanks for the chuckle, Kottke.

– My wonderful friend Maria Popova has entered the poetry stages with her beautiful Spell Against Indifference. There’s nothing I respect more than when I see humans expand, stretch, and break into new territory. Go Maria!

– I am in the Swiss Alps. Just found this Youtube of what a typical Appenzeller Choir sounds like. (Appenzell is the area of Switzerland where I am from.)

The Week is a self-managed group workshop with the goal to overcome climate angst and build momentum. (via)

– This made me laugh: Rotating Sandwiches. (via)

– I love love love this calendar gone emerging tree sculpture.

Everything heals and grows when it’s loved well. People, too.

– Technology is getting really good at removing people from photographs is a pomodoro timer that turns into a chatroom in the 5- minute breaks. Fun. (Or anxiety inducing for introverts, I assume)

Chippy is a Chrome browser extension that lets you bring ChatGPT wherever you go on the internet. Use AI to summarize, research, translate and answer questions—all without switching tabs. Created by Fictive Kin.

The Big Here Quiz: 30 questions to elevate your awareness (and literacy) of the greater place in which you live.

– Solid advice: Keep a brag sheet of your accomplishments. (via)

These realistic mini animal paintings by Lorraine Loots are beautiful. You can wear them, they are Tattly.

– I love that Threads now has a web interface. You can follow me here if you feel like it. (Threads is Meta’s Twitter competitor)

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Ok Go has a new song out. The video is ‘moving’.

– Excellent read: On Relational Infrastructure

I love him!

– Just recently discovered the Goodness Exchange. Bookmarked! (They also have a podcast)

– Doh! Use shower caps to cover the bottom of your shoes in your luggage. Brilliant.

– Are you a fan of The Moth? Me too! Hear Catherine Burns generously share storytelling tips at last Friday’s CreativeMornings/NYC. (She was the artistic director at The Moth for 20 years!)

A company pitch deck framework.

– Whoa! Scribe is so useful.

– I thoroughly enjoy my daily notes from the universe.

These wire sculptures have me mesmerized.

– Wonderful read: Hanlon’s Razor: Not Everyone is Out to Get You

– This article resonated with me: What to Do About That Thing You’ve Been Putting Off

This butterfly stool by NACO is such a beauty! Check out beautiful-no-tool-assembly.

– Want to be inspired by some trailblazer women? Check out HUR Conversations.

The Uncertainty Pledge. I feel this: “Uncertainty is where possibility lives.”

– This made me smile: Above the bare minimum museum date. (You can also do this with a friend, kid etc)

The World Wide Wander is back on September 29th!

Tattly is 12! (Psst.. the yearly totally bonanza 50% off sale is currently going on until Sunday July 30)

– I just watched the video on how the bookmarking tool My Mind works. Supercol.

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I keep coming back to this concert. Wish I could travel back in time and experience it live.

_ Whoa! This nutrient density chart. It’s so impressive.

GiveWell shares the top charities.

7 Questions to ask yourself when you don’t know what you want.

– Need some cool prints for your walls? Check out The Public Domain Review Shop

– “Power is the free flow of love

– I don’t drink but if I did, I’d love to own this Bar Set.

– Ever thought about making your own butter? Here you go.

Meta launched Threads. It ties into your Instagram account which means the setup is seamless and you’re instantly connected to the folks you follow in Instagram. Smart! I am going to give it a go. You can follow me over there.

– Ugmonk sells exceptionally beautiful desk accessories.

Can Everyone Take a Sabbatical?

July 2023 Opportunities: Open Calls, Residencies, and Grants for Artists

– I dig this little, minimal wall cabinet. Floating side table anyone?

– These are some pretty stripe-y towels.

– Interesting thread: 50 Ways To Start A Conversation With Anyone

Lara Maju’s Botanicals are currently decorating my arms and I am getting so many compliments.

– I am thrilled that our CreativeMornings/NYC events are back to how they felt pre-Pandemic. The past two months we were waitlisted again. Have you been to a CreativeMornings recently? If so, where? Don’t know if there is one in your city? You can check here! (Some chapters are looking for a new host to take over. Is that you?)

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This is so powerful. Makes me cry every time I watch it.

A simple, minimal stripe-y rug. I like.

– The only stroller I want to own.

– Tempted to buy one of these tea infusers. Worth it?

– This is a beautiful carabiner.

What the web looks like to someone who is colorblind. (via)

Vintage Analog Photo Booths. Such beauties!

Graphic Design Reading List (via Chris)

– I remember way back when, putting a resume together is such a pain. I’d totally be down to have an AI tool help me with the first draft.

A floating shelf with a built in LED light. Yes please.

– I love the You Are Not Alone Murals. Murals are painted by different artists in different communities all around the world.

– One of my favorite necklace pendants: Mudra for acceptance.

A smiling storage unit.

– It’s travel season. Get your custom Luggage Tag by Various Keytags.

Having no obligation to your former self. (via Chris)

– This yellow poncho made me giggle.

– Want to test drive a tattoo? Tattly got u.

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(via Chris)

– I love moss. I’d wear this.

The color of the NYC sky. Scroll a bit back and you’ll see the orange tint from a few days ago caused by the Canadian wildfires. Here’s what it looked like.

Real-Life Infrastructure That Looks Like Sci-Fi

– I am in love with the A.OK body oil. And the packaging makes me swoon. Such a good gift!

– The kid in me is totally into this Anatomy Stamp Set

This is a beautiful, modern outdoor rug. Discovered via Anna.

What a simple yet fun browser-based game. Play it with with your smart phone or table. (Thank you Steve)

This Whale Bolster Cushion made me gasp! YES PLEASE!

– THIS! A violinist played for 45 minutes in a New York subway. A handful of people stopped, a couple clapped, and the violinist managed to raise about $30 in tips. No one knew this, but the violinist was Joshua Bell, one of the best musicians in the world. In that subway, Joshua played one of the most intricate pieces ever written with a violin worth 3.5 million dollars. See the thread here.

2023 Global Pride Parade Calendar

– Nerdy designer humor: Cutting Mat Socks

This looks like a beautiful documentary.

– Gulp. Everything Must Be Paid for Twice

– Pride is around the corner. Get your Tattly on.

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R.I.P Tina Turner. What a force! Proud to be her namesake. Fun fact, she became Swiss. I became American. A Tina-trade of nations.

Yahia Lababidi, an Egyptian author I follow and who’s work I admire, has a new book out, titled Quarantine notes, Aphorisms on morality and mortality.

Last week’s CreativeMornings/NYC talk moved me. Deeply. If you are someone who has a creative practice, or wants to pick one up, this talk is for you.

A Trove of Video Profiles of Artists

4 stress-reducing Google Calendar settings you didn’t know you needed. The “View calendars side-by-side in day view” made me gasp! YES! (via the CreativeMornings newsletter)

– I love plants. I didn’t know humidity trays are a thing.
Lay Lo makes some pretty design-y dog beds. I like.

How long do frozen foods (0°F) maintain their quality?

– This vintage espresso maker from 1956 is something else! (via)

I want a forest on my roof.

– My daughter LOVES bread. She would dig this bread bed.

– Is it really urgent?

– Explore the Extraordinary Eons-Old Details of the Moon’s Surface in an Astounding 1.3-Gigapixel Composite

My friend Jocelyn is offering a new 8 week course that is all about connecting to your creative life force in a new way — one that empowers you to tune into inspiration, drop into flow, and manifest your creative vision with ease. Jocelyn is a force.

– Summer is here and I am overhearing more and more conversations around people wanting to get a tattoo. Did you know that you can test drive a tattoo by a real tattoo artist, for just a few days? Here you go.

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– THIS! “Judge me for how good my good ideas are, not how bad my bad ideas are.” – Matt Damon on brainstorming and collaboration

– I keep coming back to Clay Herbert’s talk: The Best Way To Answer “So What Do You Do?” Share your answer on what you do in a comment below? I’d love to hear it!

– My remarkably talented large format color photographer friend Andrew Moore just launched a Domestika course teaching you how to shoot urban scenes. Super cool!

– I dig this tote.

– I want to hear more powerful men like Scott Galloway talk about kindness. Yes please.

– If you rub garlic on your fingers, you can pick up an egg yolk

– What’s your version of “Canoe to Work?

– Love this house tour, mostly because of the abundance of plants. (Humans who don’t own books or plants are suspicious to me.)

These photos made me gasp.

– Thank you Chris for introducing me to the concept of Documentary Family Photography. Sign me up!

– Has anyone tried the Take Back Bag? Is this the way to go?

The Hero’s Journey according to Joseph Campbell. (I didn’t learn about this concept until I moved to the USA.)

Ram Dass on Relationships

_ I am in love with Nik Ramage sculptural machines. Like this lemon stroker, Brick sculpture or Back and forth.

– Want to walk on clouds? Here you go.

– I want to cover myself in these ladybugs.

– Did you know CreativeMornings offers 20+ free, community-led, heart-forward, virtual experiences every month? We call them FieldTrips. Or you can attend our monthly volunteer-led events in 229 cities.

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– An incredible resource of old German hi-fi/tv catalogues. Over 1700 of them!

– I would like a pet portrait. Yes please.

– Can you fall in love with blobby-type sculptures? I did.

– Love this minimal gold ring.

40 Things I Wish I’d known at 40

Join the Responsible AI Challenge, by Mozilla Builders. In-person event: May 31, 2023 in San Francisco, CA.

Glow in the dark pavement. Wow.

A photographer who searches for doppelgängers. Love this.

This clever device allows you to squeeze exactly the amount of lemon juice you desire, free of seeds and without risk of splatter, then protects the lemon (or lime) half in the refrigerator for maximum freshness.

The World’s 25 Richest Countries by GDP per Capital

The 100 best things to do in NYC for locals and tourists (via Chris)

The Bantu philosophy of “ubuntu” focuses on the power of community

The Future is Inclusive.

– Looking for a job? Try the CreativeMornings Job Board.

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Almost over you by Önnu Jónu Son aka Haraldur Thorleifsson, founder of Ueno.

How to help young people limit screen time — and feel better about how they look. (I see my 16 year old try to come up with all kinds of solutions to limit her screen time on her own. It’s fascinating.)

Everything that is not love is searching for love.

Solar Eclipses in the U.S. in 2023 and 2024

– A read I keep coming back to: Being Alone by Ankit Shah

Wirecutter tested the best non-alcoholic wines.

– I like the design of this physical timer.

– Good read: Imagining a new version of a good life (via DD)

– This Paula Scher slide from last week’s Kinference in Brooklyn made me gasp: Creativity Staircase and Power by Decade.

Promise yourself that you will never withhold love. I think of this post by Danielle LaPorte often.

– I feel this sticker!

Free Learning List: An expansive list of educational resources from all around the web, including YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs, online courses, coding schools, and books. (via DD)

If You Fail at Love

Qi, be with me!

– My friend Jocelyn is launching an online workshop helping you find your voice.

Designer humor. Always gets me.

– A simple mortgage calculator designed for non-financial experts. (via Chris)

– I keep taking out the stack of personal messages card and flip through them with delight. I then keep one out for a few months that feels the most relevant. These cards (I have all four sets) are one of my favorite possessions. Ever.

– It’s time to get some ladybugs on me.

– Do you know CreativeMornings runs 20-30 virtual, free experiences aka FieldTrips a month? Creative, big hearted generous humans tuning in from all over the world. It’s a thing of beauty. Our community teaching each other. Love this so much I might burst at some point.

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I have recently discovered Sunday Service Choir and am deeply moved by their music. I am not religious but appreciate their music from an energetic point of view. I listen to it on my walk to work and I can tell how I am all high-vibes once I make it to my office. I consider it my walking meditation.

– These Cooling Eye Pads made me laugh out loud. Also come in rainbow. is a color generator suggesting pairs of colors based on the amount of stimulation you desire. Think of stimulation as the effect or mood a color combination can create, ranging from sleep coma to hyper excitement.

– Weston Lambert makes beautiful glass/stone sculptures. Want.

Cloud Berries? What?

– Why does time move forward but not backward? Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder explains. The physics of time, entropy, and death

This underground library is making me swoon.

Positive News. Delivered to your door.

– Well worth a listen: Dachner Keltner on while we all need daily doses of awe

A Notion Habit Tracker. Intrigued.

Trying Patch. Love it. (via)

How to repair a broken Zipper

I love the internet. So much.

– Your breathing is an operating manual for your nervous system.

– Whoa! How well can Magnus Carlsen identify chess positions?

– Instagram was bombarding me with ads for this entryway rack. Eventually I broke down. I love it. It’s well made and holds a ton of shoes. Ok, Instagram, you win.

– One day I will own one of these bear shaped cotton throws by Donna Wilson. They make me giggle.

– What makes a relationship flourish? Love the answer Yung Pueblo shared.

1K Project is a “not-for-profit collective focused on directly connecting sponsors in the USA and around the world to help Ukrainian families impacted by the senseless and inhumane war”. You give $1000 as a direct relief to a family in the Ukraine which in turn sends a picture, a brief story and a ‘thank you’ note. According to the site, more than $10.7M (going to roughly 11,000 families) has been given already. Tax deductible for US taxpayers. (via)

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Love this Apple commercial. My dad went blind in old age and the Apple devices gave him so much freedom and connection to the outside world. Forever grateful.

– Stoicism: How to turn your sadness into strength

– Due to human bias, our search engines have learnt to prioritise sportsmen in our search results, even when the facts put sportswomen first. Correct the internet wants to change that. (via Chris)

8 Ways to Read (a Lot) More Books This Year

– Here’s what Frank Lloyd Wright’s unbuilt designs would look like today

– Ever wanted to use unique, natural handwriting in a design but didn’t like your own? This website generates variable handwriting in 9 different styles. You can adjust speed, legibility, and stroke width, then download the result as an SVG file. (via Dense Discovery)

– I want to live in this town with a population of 400 that has eight independent bookstores.

Why I wake early, by Marie Oliver

8 revenue streams you can add to your own business

Apricity means the warmth of the sun in winter. What a lovely word.

– I love to propagate plants. These stone/tube propagation vessels make it look way prettier than the simple glass jars I use.

– Want a temporary, delicate looking tattoo that looks real? Check out this new one by Tattly.

– CreativeMornings is slowly but surely building the most radically generous peer-to-peer leaning space with their FieldTrips. Go and attend some free virtual events and dip into this friendly community. For example: Try Qigong on February 16, a moving meditation for those who can’t sit still.

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The Prayer‘ is a super weird art-installation by artist Diemut Strebe, exploring the supernatural through artificial intelligence with a long-term experimental set up where a robot operates a talking mouth that is part of a computer system, creating and voicing prayers.

This scarf situation made me smile.

What are you reading?

A playlist of uplifting tracks, by School of life.

– “So how do you actually work with your mind and create things of value? What I’ve identified is three principles: doing fewer things, working at a natural pace, but obsessing over quality. That trio of properties better hits the sweet spot of how we’re actually wired and produces valuable meaningful work, but it’s sustainable.” The Digital Workplace Is Designed to Bring You Down

– And, if you have not been enchanted by this adventure — your life—what would do for you? “To Begin With The Sweet Grass“, by Mary Oliver

– Excellent read: The personal brand paradox, by Debbie Millman

– I’ll take two: Positive Vibes Blanket

– Intresting read: Tiktok’s enshittification

Finding Awe Amid Everyday Splendor. A new field of psychology has begun to quantify an age-old intuition: Feeling awe is good for us.

– Loving these tunes

– If you win the popular imagination, you change the game’: why we need new stories on climate

Erich Fromm’s 6 Rules of Listening

– As someone who is ready to meet my person, this story made my heart go pitter-patter: Jennifer Douglas was “avowedly anti-marriage” after her divorce; Kent Shell, too. Until she got down on one knee.

The Future is Inclusive. Agreed.

– Did you know CreativeMornings has a job board? Here are some positions that stood out to me: Danielle Laporte is hiring an Integrator, Who gives A Crap is hiring a Director of Growth Marketing and a Director of Media and Digital Marketing.

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Bowie is a fascinating human. Thank you Steve for the recommending I let this movie-documentary-or-whatever-one-should-call-it wash over me.

– CreativeMornings/NYC is starting out the new year with a bang: Maria Popova, force behind The Marginalian, formerly Brain Pickings is speaking on January 13th, at 8:30am ET, at the beautiful Ethical Society on the Upper West Side. Sign up for in person or the Livestream It’s free!

– “Love is a breeze. The work we are doing is that we are opening our sails.”

How to feel your feelings.

– “When you love someone, the best thing you can offer that person is your presence.” The Four Buddhist Mantras for Turning Fear into Love

How to be a writer on a marketing team without sounding like a jerk (via Chris)

– Cool! Hotamet is a super stylish and environmentally friendly helmet made out of leftover Scallop shells.

– “1. Most problems get smaller with a good night’s sleep.​​​​​​​​” Thank you David and Claire. “A collection of 951 blogs about every topic.” Found this via Kai’s Dense Discovery newsletter. I am right there with him, I’m here for the renaissance of personal blogging!

– My friend Marcus recommended I watch Toni Erdmann. What an incredibly unusual and surprising movie. (Can’t remember the last time I watched a movie in German.)

– “What we’re seeing is the transition of power from institutions to individuals, but it’s going to be messy and it’s going to take at least a generation.” Don’t Rely on Credibility Stamps

The Making of Modern Ukraine: A Free Online Course from Yale University, Featuring 23 Lectures

– I gifted my kids one of these Birds Aren’t Real Hoodies, it was a big hit!

– How were the first fonts made? Who invented italics? When did we figure out how to print in color? Typographic Firsts!

– Made me look and smile: Hands-Free Bicycle

Books curated by NPR

I Might Meet a Dog Today. Made me smile.

– This egg candle made me giggle.

Design Event Guide for 2023. And then of course, every month, there are free CreativeMornings events happening all over the world. Is your city on the map? If not, start a chapter.

– It’s the end of the year. Time for some reflection and to sport this Unicorn Tattly.

Link Pack

The Lion King: Tiny Desk Concert

– The Birds Aren’t Real Merch is putting a smile on my face. My kids are loving the plain black hoodie.

– Very honest and personal interview over on Time Sensitive with yours truly. (Thank you for the kind feedback so many of you have sent!)

– What a cool gift: Create Your Own Reel Viewer

AI generated art is absolutely wild in every way (via Chris)

You Need a (Creative) Manifesto

Cyclo Knitter: A Bicycle-Based Machine That Knits a Scarf in Five Minutes

– This poop bag pouch looks smartly designed. Want. Purchased and loving it.

– I think this is unique stripe-y rainbow scarf falls into the category of what my friend Annie would call ‘Dopamine Dressing’. (aka colorful dressing)

Plant Guide: Popular Plants from A to Z care difficulty

– I would say a Fringe Garland falls into the same category as my love for confetti.

– The Bantu philosophy of “ubuntu” focuses on the power of community

The Four Buddhist Mantras for Turning Fear into Love

– “Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

– Hey Austin, I wish I could go see the Field of Light installation. Maybe you can go?

What a stunning house. Wow.

These pants with all of the pockets made me giggle.

– Great gift ideas for art lovers: Colossal’s Favorite Art Books of 2022

Tattly make for perfect stocking stuffers. The Tattly Gift Guide can help you find the right designs.

– CreativeMornings gathers kind-hearted, creatively minded humans all over the world. Is there a chapter in your town? If not, put your city on the map and start one, or attend our virtual events called FieldTrips.

Friday Link Pack

– A truly entertaining read on the adventures of renovating a brownstone. (Thank you Bailey.)

– The New Yorker’s list of best books of 2022

The creative legacy of Gifs: Past, present and future

– Fun gift: Personalized Word Search Throw Blanket

Turn your photos into wall art. Fun!

Revitalizing Culture in the World of Hybrid Work

How a Mechanical Watch works, one of many beautifully detailed and animated explainers by Bartosz Ciechanowski. (via)

– If you’re in need of inspiration for how to set up your desk check out It’s a collection of workspace setups by tech professionals. (Via)

How To Be Successful, by Sam Altman (via)

You belong here dish.

– I love these objects by Nicola Vruwink

– What if everything you shared on social media, for one month, was about something other than yourself?

The Ilulissat Icefjord Centre in Greenland is on my list of places wanting to visit!

Did the ad work?

Put an orchid on you.

– My team and I at CreativeMornings love to light a brand-awareness fire for companies who believe in the importance of the creative community meeting up. When a company partners with us, the world’s largest face-to-face community, they are being seen and celebrated as a generous patron of the creative world. In return we spread their brand and content through content partnerships, hands-on workshops with our FieldTrips, our mega global partnerships… Partner with us?

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Currently on repeat, post soul fusion goodness: Late Bloomers by The Cut.

Coffee vs. tea smackdown

Real power lies in the domains of deep, slow change, by Stewart Brand

– I stumbled upon the Modern Elder Academy and feel like I opened a portal to a wise, expansive universe. Wow!

– I can’t stop laughing at these boots.

The art of Kaketsugi, or ‘invisible mending’ in Japanese.

– “You must not ever stop being whimsical.” -Mary Oliver

Seeing Differently Part 3: The Practice of Seeing (Mediation with your Eyes Open)

– There’s a town in New York entirely filled with book stores: Hobart Book Village

– Did you know this iPhone trick? I didn’t.

– This dutch oven is making my heart go pitter patter.

The Disappearing Art Of Maintenance (via)

– A climate podcast called A Matter of Degree which just published a mini series explaining what individual climate leadership looks like. (via)

– This is a good-looking barstool.

An analog recipe notebook. Love it.

Most visited website in every country. Wikipedia is the most visited website overall, taking the crown in 43 nations, followed by Twitter, which is favored in 10 countries. More here.

– “If you did your best when you created a piece of work, but your perfectionism or fear of judgement or lack of confidence makes you not like it, ask yourself: who is this piece for and will it work? And then, allow it to exist, to grow, to evolve, to improve, to fade away, or to shine. But first, make it work.” – None of Your Business (via)

– Every now and then I discover an organization that takes my breath away. Here’s one for you: The Long Now Foundation.

This is a very cool kids sweater.

Bioluminescence Is Nature’s Love Light

— The documentary series The Vow is blowing my mind. It follows members who joined the self-improvement group NXIVM – whose leader was convicted of sex trafficking, racketeering conspiracy, and other crimes – to reveal the emotional toll of unfolding events on these individuals.

– Where in the world do you live? There might be a CreativeMornings event happening in your town. If not, there’s a virtual FieldTrip waiting for you in the CreativeMornings universe. Whispers: All of these events are free!

Put a butterfly on it.

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In ‘Sometimes Making Something Leads to Nothing’, 1997, Francis Alÿs pushed a block of ice through the streets of Mexico City until it completely melted. After nice hours the block was reduced to no more than an ice cube suitable for a whisky on the rocks, so small that he could casually kick it along the street.

To have without holding. by Marge Piercy

– I purchased the Nimbot D11 label maker and I am in love. It’s pretty and functional. Everything is currently being labeled in my house.

TikTok and the fall of social media giants. Facebook is trying to copy TikTok, but this strategy may well signal the end of these legacy platforms, by Cal Newport

– Want: Pants that are basically a warm blanket.

– I have absolutely No Shelf Control when it comes to buying books.

Stone Skipping Is a Lost Art. Kurt Steiner Wants the World to Find It.

Wisdom Engines: Technologies for Evolution and Happiness

– These pants made me laugh: ALL OF THE POCKETS!

– I love that organizations like The Free Little Library exists.

– Brené Brown’s vulnerable and tender reflections from her summer sabbatical. (via)

Non-Coercive Marketing: A Primer (via)

TinyKiwi is a simple, fast editing tool to polish screenshots, create blog post covers and size-appropriate social media assets. (via)

– Is there a CreativeMornings in your city? Go attend an event and be in community. It makes a difference. If there isn’t one, start a chapter?

– Have a party or dinner party coming up? Get a Jumbo Party Pack from Tattly and let the fun begin.

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Not new, but still wonderful.

The Unexpected Power of Random Acts of Kindness

– What? Radiolab for kids? YES PLEASE!

– Hey fellow US Citizens, are you registered to vote? Check here.

The Secret to Making Friends as an Adult (via)

– “Marketing is product design, customer service, pricing, customer delight and creating and living a remarkable story. Marketing is creating the conditions for the network effect.” The chief hype officer

– Interesting read: Dating Apps Were ‘Getting Old.’ Why Not Try Something Older? “Every Friday, when Randa Sakallah sends out her free newsletter, Hot Singles, she hopes to make a match. Maybe not a forever love, but a connection, however fleeting, between two people who are interested in something more.”

10 Reasons to be Optimistic (Without Being Naive) About Climate Change

Kinopio is a spatial thinking tool for building new ideas and solving hard problems.

Constantly ask what they really want

– I am lucky to be the steward of a teeny tiny forest in the Hudson Valley and I am dreaming of putting a sauna in the middle of it. This one would be lovely. Or this one by Heartwood.

What are you unwilling to feel?

– How can I survive as an artist? Booooooom put together a page you should bookmark or send to artists you know!

– “The long game requires patience. Mostly yours.

– Ever wanted to volunteer? can connect you with an organization in your corner of the world.

A Good Movie to Watch is a freemium service that rates and recommends movies and shows. (via)

Take Care of Your Blog. I couldn’t agree more. SO MUCH good came to me because I consistently showed up here on my blog. (via)

– One day I will own a house that is the perfect backdrop for one of these chairs by Hem.

– Microscopic Photo of Vinyl Record Grooves (via Chris)

Self-love Hack: “Get a plant and name it after yourself. I tell that to everyone, especially if they have trouble with self-love. Take care of your plant every day. Water it, make it beautiful. If your plant is growing and nourishing, that means you’re growing and nourishing. If it’s dying, you have to ask: ‘What’s going on with me?….”

– Find answers to your questions from the best books in the world using experimental AI—not google search. Wow! (via)

Put some colorful mushrooms on you. It makes everything better.

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I am crushed by the rulings of the Supreme Court this week. Especially the overturning of Roe vs Wade. No, we are not ok. What can you do?

Saving these questions, especially “Would they miss you if you stopped?”

– Kevin Kelly: The Need for World Government

How TikTok triggered a books revolution

– This made me smile: A choir of Spring onions

– “According to the study, published in the journal De Economist (paywall) on April 26, there are two types of creativity that can blossom at different points in a person’s life.” The two types of creativity that peak at different ages

– I would give these minimal wall mounted cabinets a loving home, as bedside tables. Or multiples, in one continuous line, across the wall in my living room. Yes please.

This is a lovely print. And there are so many more on Juniper.

The 6 Very Best Fertilizers for Houseplants

– I keep coming back to this one: “The point is, when you’ve been conducting your working life at the speed of a freight train, it takes quite a long time to roll to a stop and/or point yourself in a new direction—toward a new way of being, living, and working.” Confessions of a Burnt Out Over-Achiever

How Does Venice Work?

– Hey New Yorkers, Fresh Catskills delivers locally farmed food to your doorstep. Love it!

_ Must remind myself to Breathe.

– Beautiful talk: Reading as a way of living by Dev Aujla. If you love books you’ll love this talk. (My favorite CreativeMornings/NYC talk to date.)

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– Uhm, why are not more people talking about this? Giant sinkhole with a forest inside found in China

This Twitter thread of two nested stuck ceramic bowls is pure internet gold.

– I want to build a house around a conversation pit.

Input any train station in Europe & this site maps all the places you can travel without transfers.

Collective is the first online back office platform designed for Businesses-of-One. (via)

A uterus trellis. Yep.

– I am completely hooked on these pants by Pashko. I wear them every day. They are super comfortable, lightweight and design-y looking.

Outdoor Bar Caddie. Want.

This tote bag made me chuckle.

I love organizing things in boxes.

This is what my fancy raincoat dreams are made of.

Various deck of cards with prompts helping you have more meaningful conversations. Love it.

– How did I not realize cordless glue guns are a thing?

The Dogist, the stories of dogs. I am here for this content.

– My friend Patricia wrote an article on The necessary art of retreat: On my mind: Not away from the world, but into it.

The AirJelly is a remote-controlled jellyfish that glides through air thanks to a helium-filled ballonett propelled by a central electric drive unit.

– Here’s your chance to test drive a tattoo sleeve.

– Did you know CreativeMornings has a job board? There are a total of 1751 jobs currently listed of which 599 are remote friendly. This one takes the cake: MoMA is looking for a curatorial assistant in Contemporary design.