Friday Link Pack

One final push before our CreativeMornings Kickstarter ends on Monday Morning!

- The 9 warning signs of an amateur artist (via explore)

- Need some email newsletter design inspiration? Here you go.

- New Yorkers, are you ready for the DUMBO Arts Festival?

- Simple Genius: A Condom You Can Open With One Hand

- A Video Compilation Showing The Origin of Popular Memes

- Shelter of Nostalgia by Worapong Manupipatpong

- Shit Apple Fanatics Say

- My studiomate Rob Weychert wrote an interesting post about how Rdio has changed his music listening behaviors.

- Analog way of keeping track of your Hallowe’en costume history.

- Want to join Team Tattly? Here’s your chance.

- A badass Mini NookaNooka Hello Kitty

- 60 years of Presidential attack ads, in a single video.

- Statistical Atlases of Everything (liquor, Methodists, malaria…) in 19th-century USA (via @curiousoctopus)

- Worst College Majors for Your Career (via coudal)

- How to Make Your Own Cotton Candy Machine for $45

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  1. It’s wonderful to see Creative Mornings becoming such a strong voice for the creative community. I can’t wait to join the Seattle chapter.

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