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ABBA announced a new album. First album in 40 years! Watch the video to hear them talk about how they are putting on the show. This is WILD! More here.

A guide for better conversations. (PDF)

How to Remember What You Read

Check out these toasters. WOW!(Also, who doesn’t want to go visit a Toaster Museum?)

– I am way way past this stage with my kids, obviously, but wow would I have bought this radish chewable toy! Hilarious!

SurfaceSnaps is such a simple product. I didn’t realize how much I would appreciate the cable tidi-ness they bring.

Bread lamps are funny.

Why Kids Need Spirituality, By Lisa Miller

Plastic Dip!? I want to dip all of the things!

– Yeah, I want to be a person who owns a boot brush.

Team Tattly is hiring a Graphic Designer. Application deadline is Monday!

The Founder Library. What a wonderful resource!

This office chair is a bit silly looking to me but I am sure my kids would be into it.

Salad Tragedies

– My grandma used to crochet me slippers like these. Thanks for the memory lane moment, Bombas socks.

How Mushroom Time Lapses Are Filmed

– “Human beings are immensely complicated creatures, living simultaneously in a half dozen different worlds. Each individual is unique and, in a number of respects, unlike all the other members of the species. None of our motives is unmixed, none of our actions can be traced back to a single source and, in any group we care to study, behavior patterns that are observably similar may be the result of many constellations of dissimilar causes.” Aldous Huxley on Making Sense of Ourselves and Each Other

– I just learned a new term: Business bigamy in this article: My Colleague Is Secretly Holding Two Jobs. Should I Expose Her?

– In love with this old-school fountain pen.

This purse is also a backpack. Love.

When will we stop calling successful women ‘abrasive’?


“The habitual tendency when things get tough is that we protect ourselves, we get hard, we get rigid. But…that’s the time to soften and see how we might play or dance with the situation.”
– Jeff Bridges

Dancer Boy

Whispers: I love that he won two trophies, not just one.

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“Get your tongues ready, get your suits out and pressed, and those buttons lowered. The era, the decade, of gathering, is upon us.” Well worth a listen!

Favorite Wikipedia lists. Some good ones in there. (via)

Why Having Friends of Different Ages Matters — And How It Can Impact an Ageist Society

This inverted cactus is incredible!

The Story behind Dr.Bronner Soap.

– This bird feeder made me laugh.

– Loving these block art prints. Also this one.

– What a treasure trove: A list of 100+ handpicked personal websites

– I am so happy Poler brought the Napsack back. Best gift I ever gave my kids. (In case you are not familiar: It’s a wearable sleeping bag!)

Get out of your geographic music bubble

A hideaway storage planter

The Best Live Animal Feeds From Around the World

Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids: “Psychologists call this the helper’s high. Economists refer to it as the warm glow of giving. Neuroscientists find that generosity activates reward centers in our brains. And evolutionary biologists observe that we’re wired to help others. A tribe of people who “were always ready to aid one another,” Darwin wrote, “would be victorious over most other tribes; and this would be natural selection.”

This made me laugh.

– Yes, it’s incredibly expensive BUT it’s design-y and stylish. Wouldn’t mind to have one of these handcrafted wooden cornholes in my backyard.

– Whoa! This Tweet of mine about how divorce needs a rebrand got mentioned by Prof. Galloway on this Pivot Podcast episode.

– A big thank you to Continuing and Professional Education at Parsons for sponsoring my blog this week.

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(What FUN! Gustavo Dudamel conducts the Venezuelan Youth Orchestra Simón Bolívar and the Venezuelan Brass Ensemble.)

– This made me laugh: A dog in Russia grabbed the reporter’s microphone and ran away during a live broadcast

– A short documentary on Nikki de Saint Phalle, an artist I admired deeply when growing up in Switzerland.

How to overcome fear.

– I can’t stop giggling at this.

First Day of the Week in Different Countries (I learned this the hard way when in my first job as a graphic designer in the USA I was assigned to design a calendar and I started the weeks on Monday. Right before the client presentation my US boss noticed the mistake. Oy! I have lived in the USA for 21 years now and can not get used to calendar views starting on Sundays.)

A love letter to black children and any black person whose inner child needs to hear this.

– Good listen: Imagination as the Path of the Spirit by John O Donohue. He asks: “What are the 7 thoughts you keep coming back to and that shape your life?”

Tasha Blank uploaded a new mix to Soundcloud. (Her dance virtual parties have carried me through the pandemic.)

– Rochelle Billow of kitchn tried the annoyingly brilliant TikTok trick for peeling hard-boiled eggs and WOW!

– Bookmarked this in my SoundCloud: Listening to nature gives you a real Rocky Mountain High.

– I asked on Twitter for non-alcoholic drink recommendations. So many tips! Check the thread.

– My friend Wesley Verhoeve birthed a photo book. I am so proud of him.

What To Do If You — Or Someone You Love — Is Going Through Pregnancy Loss. This is an important and way too little talked about topic. Been there myself. It’s a lonely, dark place. It shouldn’t be.

– Go get your kids and introduce them to Marcel the Shell. You’re welcome!

– Today is a good day to discover some poets you might have not heard of yet..

– I love this Colorful Backgammon Set. I used to play this game for HOURS on end when I was a kid.

– Yes to potato faces.

Can fungus help us better understand what it means to be human?

Distributed Work’s Five Levels of Autonomy

– I am manifesting Spring, by wearing some Flowers.

♥ / Corona Pirates

A big thank you to Corona Pirates for sponsoring my blog this week.

We believe that kids should have tools dedicated to helping them process their emotions about living in the time of Corona. So we wrote the book on it…OK, we wrote the book for it.

Full of funny illustrations – and thought-provoking questions – Corona Pirates: Guided Journal allows children to write down their thoughts about everything that has made “Corona normal” quite odd. Designed for ages 5 – 11, the book was beta-tested by therapists, teachers, social workers, parents, and mental health advocates, prior to publishing.

For those younger pirates – or those who prefer to communicate visually – Corona Pirates: Coloring, & Activity Book is available.

More information can be found at

(Interested in sponsoring a week of my blog and RSS feed, learn more here.)

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The Moon in Real Time, by Seán Doran (via Chris)

– Come work with me! We are looking to hire a Content Marketing Manager and become the voice of CreativeMornings.

– I love Marimekko’s bold patterns. Always have. Always will.

I love you NYC.

– Big fan of the aesthetic and the products of Public Goods.

– Beautiful, Brooklyn handmade black salt bowl.

28 Days of Black History

– NIKE unveils the NIKE GO FlyEase, an easy-on, easy off no-lace sneaker

Wakamai Fondue – The tool that answers the question “what can my font do?”

The best Writing Apps

NPR’s best books of 2020

Three American Mothers on the Brink, by Jessica Bennett

Studio Ghibli: Everything you need to know about the legendary Japanese animation house.

– “Read 20 pages to start the day.”

– The concept of a passive house explained.

– What would you keep in the 175 pocket jacket?

– “Get plants. Overwater them until they die. Replace plants. This is better than overwhelming your children with this kind of attention that has to go somewhere.” Your Guide to Parenting Teenagers in a Pandemic

Tattly make for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

– The world’s top agencies, studios, and firms use Float to plan their projects and schedule their team’s time. (I appreciate them sponsoring my blog this week!)

Alive = Creative

“If you’re alive, you’re a creative person.”
– Elizabeth Gilbert

From the wonderful book Big Magic. It’s like rocket fuel for any creatively minded human.

Sensitive to Pleasure

“We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.”
— Alan Watts

Positive News

Positive News is the magazine for good journalism about the good things that are happening. Each issue features informative, inspiring articles about social and environmental progress, with high-impact photography and beautiful visual design.

We could all use some good news.

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This is fascinating.

– There’s a serious shortage of poll workers for this year’s US presidential election. You can volunteer to be one! Learn more here.

– This headline would have made no sense a year ago. Now, with two kids remote schooling, it made me click not he link: Let Your Kids Bike in Place While They Zoom

How to change your default Mail app in iOS 14

These carved tree leaves are stunning.

– The cakes on this website put the biggest smile on my face. (via)

This Chrome/Firefox extension adds helpful features to your Twitter web experience: stay on the chronological timeline forever, move Retweets to a separate timeline, remove sidebar content (Trends, Who to Follow), and a lot more. My Twitter experiences just got way better. (Thanks Kai)

– This documentary over on Netflix is pretty amazing: My Octopus Teacher is the story of a filmmaker who forges an unusual friendship with an octopus living in a South African kelp forest.

– Shahed Khan built a tool that allows you to quickly share your calendar availability inside of Gmail.

– This arch table made me look.

This Mouse Rubber Boat made me chuckle.

Wally aims to help its customers shop for everything in reusable packaging. You pay a deposit on the containers and return them with your next order. I want them to succeed.

Halloween Zip Line for Social Distancing . Or what about a Candy Shute?

– I love how Kottke shares in this post how he was able to flip the narrative in his head about how he sees and approaches winter season. I keep reminding myself all the time that it is in *my* power how I feel, at all times.

– Uhm… yes, I would love to own this vacuum jug by Eva Solo.

Mushrooms are having a moment.

Planter beauty.

– This is an oddly soothing time-lapse: Broccoli sprouts growing in a jar

A cat scratcher rainbow? Uhm, yeah, that’s funny.

– I like this simple phone sling by OAD

How to make elephant toothpaste with your kids. But before, show them this to get them anxcited.

– Hopeful read: How New Yorkers Found Resolve After 6 Months of Pandemic Hardship

Tattly teamed up with I am a voter to increase voter turn out in this year’s presidential election. I just became a citizen this fall and am wearing the I AM A VOTER Tattly with a lot of pride.

Caraway Cookware Set

I discovered this beautifully designed ceramic pot set somewhere on the internet today. Consider me intrigued. These pots come in lovely colors and are made with naturally smooth ceramic, not toxic Teflon. Want!

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My love for NPR’s Tiny Desk concerts runs very very deep.

In defense of screen time

Stay soft. Yes.

What a difference a year makes. Endlessly moved by this young woman.

The creators of ‘Monument Valley’ are back with a game no one expected

– I needed to hear this: A belief is only a thought I keep thinking.

This alpaca has some swagger.

Young people are going to save us all from office life, by Claire Cain Miller and Sanam Yar

How to raise a lifelong reader. (via)

Can You Hack Your Body Clock To Become A Morning Person?

The Best Fall Cookbooks of 2019, According to 2018’s Cookbook Stars

when you are totally feeling yourself.

Self-care checklist (via)

– I want this bench for my plants.

How to Get Rid of Your Paper Piles for Good

This woodblock print! Gah! Also, this one.

– Very excited to be speaking at Design Thinkers in Toronto in October and at House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon in November. See you there?

– Did you know you Tattly stick on more than just skin?

– CreativeMornings has a global Job Board. Kind humans frequent it.

Float is a visual resource scheduling tool for teams. They sponsored my blog this week, which helps me cover the cost for keeping this site and running. I am grateful.

Who Would I Be Without Instagram?

“There are plenty of well-documented reasons to distrust Instagram — the platform where one is never not branding, never not making Facebook money, never not giving Facebook one’s data — but most unnerving are the ways in which it has led me to distrust myself. After countless adventures through the black hole, my propensity to share, perform, and entertain has melded with a desire far more cynical: to be liked, quantifiably, for an idealized version of myself, at a rate not possible even ten years ago.

I think I am a writer and an actor and an artist. But I haven’t believed the purity of my own intentions ever since I became my own salesperson, too.”

Who Would I Be Without Instagram? An investigation. By Tavi Gevinson

“Are People Doing The Best They Can?”

There are some real gems in this conversation between Russell Brand & Brené Brown.

This really got me thinking. Are people doing the best they can? I want to believe they do.

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Today is our last day in Switzerland. For the last two weeks my kids and I have been enjoying all things Swiss, like these old-school light-switches. They feel heavy to the touch and make a beautiful sound when using. Should I ever build a house, I want to install these!

– Food for thought: How to be more productive by working less.

Ethiopia plants 350m trees in a day to help tackle climate crisis

How to make friends as an adult.

The Happiest Design Ethics Article You Will Ever Read

– What MVP really means.

Lizzo’s Tiny Desk Concert is something else. What a force.

– Really looking forward to speaking at DesignThinkers in Toronto this October.

Ways to never overwater your plants.

Know who you are, what you care about, and the difference you’re trying to make in the world.

– Long thought to be a glitch of memory, researchers are coming to realize that the ability to forget is crucial to how the brain works. The forgotten part of memory.

– Neuroscience Says Listening to This Song Reduces Anxiety by Up to 65 Percent (via Chris)

This is what happens when you put cotton candy in water.

This is delightful.

CreativeMornings has a job board!

– The newly introduced Tattly Embroidery Tattoo line designed by Tessa Perlow is proving to be a huge success! This makes me happy!

– Thank you to Parsons at Open Campus for sponsoring my blog this week.

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How to Rescue a Wet, Damaged Book

– “This is an interesting planet. It deserves all the attention you can give it.” (via)

– “If you are very very quiet you can hear the clouds rub against the sky.” Lies I’ve told my 3 year old recently.

4 Methods for Cooking Steak

– I keep coming back to Grace Bonney’s moving CreativeMornings talk.

– This is interesting: Design Question Library

– The Smithonian launched an Augmented Reality app that lets you land on the moon!

– What happens in your head when you do 27+48?

The benefits of naiveté. (via)

– Love Yoga? Check out Setu, an online platform advocating for inclusivity in yoga.

– The world needs a tech diet; here is how designers can help (via)

– “I Want to Make Beautiful Things, Even if Nobody Cares

Christopher Nolan’s Favorite Movies (via)

Rainbow sunglasses. Yep.

– Beautiful hand-loomed rug. (via)

15+ Modern Embroidery Patterns Ready for You to Download and Sew

– OMG! A fully decapitated swan pool float. The head can rest nicely on the body or float idly nearby.

– Elon Musk: I love Humanity. (But why do you want to move to be living on Mars then?)

– This “bag” might come in handy to buy one baguette. HA!

– Also, here’s a Baguette Lamp. I can’t stop laughing.

You Should Grill Whole Heads of Garlic This Summer.

The Difference Between Tylenol, Aspirin, Advil, and Aleve

NYC Holds Open Call for Artists to Create A Monument for Two Iconic LGBTQ Activists

– It’s summertime. Put some tiny beautiful flowers on you.

– The CreativeMornings job board has already grown to become the largest global creative job board with over 4,000 jobs. (159 of them are remote opportunities.) I am happy about this!


One scoop of spring, please!

Ocean Mug

Ocean mug, you pretty!

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A huge congrats to my dear friend Debbie Millman for being a 2019 AIGA Gold Medalist for her extraordinary contributions to design. Enjoy this timeless talk from 2011.

– Maggie Doyne’s Blink Now organization now sells goods which are crafted by the Kopila Valley Women’s Cooperative. I love this so much!

Rules for being human

Weekends looks like a wonderful animation.

How to Tell Your Story

Nothing really mattress

Stay home, it’s too peopley outside

– Remember some of these beautiful posters by Herbert Leupin from growing up in Switzerland

– Wait what? This is how you eat a pineapple?

– Thats a pretty incense holder

– I like this laundry canvas truck

A minmal backpack. I like.

– 20 questions with… Oliver Jeffers

Focus on your team/company output first and your personal productivity second.

Legal advice for startups by Johnathan Rees

The promising young studio Hawraf is shutting down. The four partners decided to go out by publishing comprehensive documents about how they ran their business.

– “The path to become unmistakable is the willingness to be wrong, to be criticized and most of all, to matter. And if you’re willing to do something that matters, you are likely to be in the minority – and it probably means you’re doing something that’s unmistakable.” — Seth Godin

I Love NYC!

– Thrilled about Tattly’s latest collaboration with the wonderful Loveis Wise.

– “The nicest people always come through the CreativeMornings Job Board.” Yep!


These balancing bowls won my heart.

Friday Link Pack


On Shallow Work (via)

30 Legendary Startup Pitch Decks and What You Can Learn From Them

– An Interactive Map of the 2,000+ Sounds Humans Use to Communicate Without Words: Grunts, Sobs, Sighs, Laughs & More

– My 9 year old enjoyed this video: Animals You’ll (Strangely) Never See In Captivity.

– My friends at FictiveKin created a fantastic new LIVE meditation app called Tap In. It’s a daily, ten-minute meditation appropriate for everyone whether new or experienced. This is powerful!

– Wonderful to see Pinterest’s response to harmful misinformation

– I feel this Tweet.

– The Bell Jar Light will give your most loved items pride of place in its museum-style glass case complete with unique, built-in illumination.

Unti-tled is a pocked guide to art in New York City right now.

7 of the Best A/B Testing Tools for 2019

– “The amount of love and care you put into a project is always apparent. Even if people are not conscious of it, they can sense when you have paid attention to every little detail.” From Hurrly Slowly

Three Questions for Effective Feedback

– Ever see little things moving across your field of vision? This is what causes those little floaty things.

– I love you Open Culture: Myths from around the world

– This thread is pure gold: What (online) design publications would you recommend?

Reasons for a bad mood. This made me laugh.

– These wind maps are beautiful.

– Michael Ventura: Self-Observation Is the Skill of the Future

– I am ok with this tea towel.

– Nature, you’re drunk! 5 Facts about the Blobfish

– I can’t get enough of this dog walker in Saratoga lining up his pups.

– One day I will have a perfect spot for the Componibili 3 Tier by Kartell

This Twitter thread on Dementia is heartwarming. My grandmother suffered from it and it was hard to see her mind go. I do remember her moments of wit and clarity in between all the fog.

– Come work with me at CreativeMornings! We’re hiring a Partnerships Coordinator

– Love love love the brand new Tattly Petite Produce Sheet by Jess Chen.

– Check the CreativeMornings job board for full-time, part-time and freelance jobs. As well, internships!

– A big thank you to Newspaper Club for sponsoring my blog and RSS Feed this week.

Shrug Ascii Emoji Pin

Shrug Ascii Emoji enamel pin. Made me smile.

How The Web Was Lost

Berners-Lee has seen his creation debased by everything from fake news to mass surveillance. But he’s got a plan to fix it.