Friday Link Pack

- Video: How to Make Rainbow Pancackes

- 20 Ways to Repurpose Old Sweaters.

- The Infinite Jukebox: For when your favorite song just isn’t long enough.

- PIVOT! CONVERSIONS! Sh*t Entrepreneurs Say

- Seriously impressed by the new airbnb neighborhood guides. Great way to research a city before booking a place. Check out NYC.

- Did you know you can now buy movies on Vimeo?

- 3D artist and motion designer JR Schmidt reconstructs New York City in LEGO using an assortment of maps and satellite imagery to set the elevation and color of the blocks.

- 1980s watches. I remember many of these.

- Want it? Get it!

- Lytro is surprising us again, now introducing perspective shift.

- “No matter how complex, no matter how unique, your passwords can no longer protect you.” Interesting Wired Article: Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can’t Protect Us Anymore

- App Turns Instagram Pics Into Printable Artwork

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