Friday Link Pack

- How To Live an Unremarkably Average Life

- Here’s an awesome Father’s Day DIY gift idea: Make him a cardboard toolbox.

- Easy Origami Business Card Stand

- Evolution of Get Lucky (Love the glasses/year reference on the side)

- Anyone who has ever struggled with putting a price tag on their services should read this brand new, free e-book by Mike McDerment. It’s a quick and fabulous read. Wish it would have been around when I started my design studio.

- Party Time Headband. #Tattlyneedsthese

- Philadelphia Orchestra musicians perform on flight waiting on Beijing tarmac. The space constraint in the plane is fascinating.

- Love you back.

- Highly amused that the guy on this crazy JET bicycle is not bothering wearing a helmet.

- Listen to Cameron Moll and Jason Fried chat about Basecamp, remote working and the upcoming book “Remote” in this latest Hired Podcast.

- A quite beautiful Foursquare Time Machine. Your check-ins visualized.

- Front-end Developers! Want to work with the smartest and most talented folks around? My studiomates of Editorially are hiring.

- Giraffe Cup. Made me giggle.

- Like a boss desktop-wallpaper.

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  1. Ah! Love that desktop wallpaper. Just what I need to greet me each morning.

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