Friday Link Pack


- Icebergs, an interesting looking new service that lets you visually organize stuff in the cloud.

- What are you doing on the night of October 18th? Why not be part of the largest, global dinner party?

- If you have a 7-10 year old girl at home chances are familiar with Rainbow Loom: Here’s a nice collection of bracelet patterns.

- Want to win a free dinner with me? Ted of Us Is Two is making it possible.

- Congrats to all the winners of the Shopify Design Awards. A great resource to see well designed e-commerce stores.

- 20 Life Hacks To Make Parenting More Fun. Some of these are brilliant. (Thanks Barbara)

- Get Biked: An email list of bikes for sale in New York City.

- Interesting: Jessie of Sweet Thing shares her elaborate Iphoneography Process. iPhone Camera –> VSCO Cam –> Afterlight –> Touch Retouch –> Instagram

- As a founder of two startups I struggle with this question: How Much Should You Pay Yourself?

- Conversations with my 3 year old.

- Mosquito Net Pants. For real.

- Neil deGrasse Tyson Doesn’t Think Elon Musk’s SpaceX Will Put People On Mars. Watch him explain why.

- Jonathan speaks with Danielle LaPorte over on the Good Life Project.

- Web Designers’ First Websites features the first dabbles into website creation by several web designers. Refreshing. (via CreativeMornings)

- All The Things You Don’t Need. Great post by Chris Guillebeau.

- Congratulations, Dana Tanamachi! Awesome Target collaboration.

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  1. Gmunk & his work rocks the daisy duke. What a legend

  2. The Get Along Shirt! If only it had magical powers too…

  3. Thanks for the links. I have just visited ’20 Life Hacks To Make Parenting More Fun’, funny and helpful! :-)

  4. I hope Neil deGrasse Tyson is wrong for his first and last time.

  5. Mind Blown, after watching “Box”

  6. Dinner party on the 18th: watch out for the penumbral eclipse of the moon!

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