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  1. Me tooooooo!!! Please! Darn algorithms!

  2. I totally second that!

  3. I have been thinking this for months! I keep,thinking I should write the Zuck since he owns 2 of them… maybe we can collectively write him through a signed, open letter on Swiss-Miss???

  4. For reals. It’s bad enough to display things out of order, but taking all control away by removing the date is really disrespectful to their users.

  5. But if that happens, they will lose control over what you see.

  6. Not sure if this is what you mean but on FB – click on the three dots next to ‘news feed’ in the top right corner and you can choose between ‘most recent’ and ‘top stories.’ Top stories is the default and it will revert every now and again.

  7. My wife now rarely uses instagram for this exact reason.

  8. Facebook: I use Social Fixer, which switches my feed to ‘most recent first’.