sorry, we’re out of them!

SCENE: Me, standing at the register of the bridal gown place, about to take home my wedding gown (YAY!) asking the sales rep to hand me a garment bag so the alterations lady can wrap up my dress.

“I’d like to purchase a garment bag for my wedding gown!”

Sales Rep::
Looks at me and goes:
“Sorry we’re out of them!”
Turns around and walks away.

Huh? That’s VERY funny! Seriously now, I need a garment bag!”

Sales Rep
On her knees behind the counter, doing something, mumbling:
“I am not kidding, we’re out of them!”

Laughing out loud!

On a sidenote: this happened after I was initially told that I’ve already picked up my gown on June 13. HA HA! What else can you expect when shopping for a wedding gown out in Queens! Vivien and I got a good laugh out of it.