type and the city

Check out this typographic journal documenting different fonts being used on signs and ads in Zurich, Switzerland. I like the idea and hope the collection will grow over time and give us a glimpse into the clean typography one is exposed to when living in Switzerland.

Every time I go back visit, I am amazed by all the clean, subtle and elegant use of typography. The US has a far more ‘freestyle’ approach to it all. Driving down Atlantic Avenue, coming back from Switzerland, always puts a big grin on my face; The self-made signs and oversized billboards with big giant screaming typography always has a refreshing element to it.

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  1. Hi

    I’m very glad that you like my blog! Thanks for writing about it. Anyway, please notice that the examples there are not always good. I put also some bad (or a bit strange) typography examples and write about it… :-)

    All the best