Have you ever gone to a website that asks for your email address for no reason (other than they are going to sell it to the highest bidder so you get spam forever)? Welcome to Mailinator™. It’s a no sign-up, instant, anti-spam service. Here is how it works:

Wherever you are, someone (or some webpage) asks for your email. Give them a mailinator address. You don’t need to sign-up. You just make it up on the spot. Pick [email protected] or [email protected] — pick anything you want (up to 15 characters before the @ sign).

Later, got to to and check that account. Its that easy. Mailinator accounts are created when mail arrives for them. No signup, no personal information, and when you’re done — you can walk away — an instant solution to one way spammers get your address. It’s an anti-spam solution for everyone. The messages are automatically deleted for you after a few hours.

Let’em spam!