people behind a business

I followed a link on newstoday and landed on art+com, an interactive agency in Berlin, Germany. First thing I did, I clicked on the ‘staff’ link. I was hoping to get to see some faces, and yup, I did. Seeing pictures of a company’s staff always makes me feel like I can connect better with their work. I keep telling our guys here at Thinkmap that we should *really* put up pictures on our ‘management team’ site. Oh well! (My initial design entailed images, above the orange bars…)

I keep thinking that if I had to hire an agency for a project, I’d more likely hire a company where I can get a sense of who these people are, just by seeing their pictures. Go ahead, call me superficial, if you like.

Oh, and by the way, the guys of Art+Com do some pretty impressive work. And “yay!” to their elegant, white space driven site!