The Uplift

The world needs more poetic humans like Tom Lawton. He is the creator of Uplift, a solar-powered sculpture designed to soothe the soul that’s made from waste fishing nets.

Air Hugs

Air Hugs for the world.

I Am A Voter

I moved to the USA in 1999 and two months ago I became a citizen. I can finally say: I AM A VOTER.

Today we launched our Tattly x @iamavoter partnership to help increase voter registration and voter turnout in this election. See you at the polls!

Mask Suit

Love this Mask Suit by Adrian Wilson.


I’d wear it.

Conference Room of My Dreams

Godfrey Dadich has the conference room of my dreams. Yes, please.

à la fin…

A film by Lichtel Nicolas.


Je vote. Tu Votes. Elle Vote…

Love this tote by Clare V. reminding us all to vote. (Also available as a t-shirt)

Two Types of Creativity

Two types of creativity and when each peaks, based on a study that analyzed 31 Nobel Prize laureates, as well as examining painters, novelists, poets, and scientists. Fascinating.


Some Good News

The world is on fire but here is some good news: Put a little summer in your pocket. Poolside FM has launched an iOS App. The app experience is just like its mamabear website super retro and fun. So happy about this!


What a fascinating glimpse into a different world: Greenland, the remote territory, rich in minerals and pure water, shows the world how to live during quarantine.

HELP: Dear dev savvy humans, how do I turn off autoplay on this video? I looked at the code but it’s not obvious to me.

Around the World City Radio

A retro-style receiver that plays radio stations from 18 cities around the world. FUN!

Twitter Advanced Search


Whoa! Why didn’t I discover iNaturalist sooner? It’s an app that helps you identify the plants and animals around you by connecting with a community of over a million scientists and naturalists. By recording and sharing your observations, you’ll create research quality data for scientists working to better understand and protect nature. iNaturalist is a joint initiative by the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.

(Thanks for helping me figure out what mushroom that was, Ninja)

What is Happiness?

Grab a beverage and dive in.


Sounds of The Forest

I would love to meet the humans behind Sounds of the Forest. They are collecting the sounds of woodlands and forests from all around the world, creating a growing soundmap bringing together aural tones and textures from the world’s woodlands.

The sounds form an open source library, to be used by anyone to listen to and create from. Selected artists will be responding to the sounds that are gathered, creating music, audio, artwork or something else incredible, to be presented at Timber Festival 2021.

This is pure and lovely. So much YES!

(via Jason)

Goodbye Wire and Twine

Wire & Twine is closing shop. While my heart is a little sad about it, they say they are doing so with an open heart and excitement for what’s to come. This shirt makes me happy.

Cast Iron Tea Pot

This Cast Iron Tea Pot is a *beauty*!


Yes, to this shirt and message. (I can vote for the first time in this election, since living in the USA!)

I love this Animated Mailchimp Brand Campaign

Well done, Mailchimp.

Joe Davidson

I am completely smitten by these pieces of art by Joe Davidson.

Walking in Heavy Thunderstorm at Night in NYC

Sound on!

(Via Chris Glass)

Joy Rebel

This shirt!

Looking and Actually Seeing