Vimcal has some super cool features, my favorite is Slots, a super easy and fast way to send someone your availability. (I don’t use Calendly)

Rainbows in My Clouds

I love Maya Angelou‘s notion of taking anyone who has ever been kind to her energetically on stage with her when she gives talks. That way, she is never alone. Always supported. I will think of this next time I give a talk.

50 Ways To Fuel A Conversation

1. Be the first to say hello.
2 Introduce yourself to others.
3. Take risks and anticipate success.
4. Remember your sense of humor.
5. Practice different ways of starting a conversation
6. Make an extra effort to remember people’s names.
7. Ask a person’s name if you’ve forgotten it.
8. Show curiosity and sincere interest in finding out about others.
9. Tell others about the important events in your life. Don’t wait for them to draw it out.
10. Demonstrate that you are listening by restating their comments in another way.
11. Communicate enthusiasm and excitement about your subjects and life in general
12. Go out of your way to try to meet new people wherever you are.
13. Accept a person’s right to be an individual with different ideas and beliefs.
14. Let the natural person in you come out when talking with others.
15. Be able to succinctly tell others-in a few short sentences-what you do.
16. Reintroduce yourself to someone who is likely to have forgotten your name.
17. Be ready to tell others something interesting or challenging about what you do.
18. Be aware of open and closed body language.
19. Smile, make eye contact, offer a handshake, and go find the approachable person.
20. Greet people that you see regularly.
21. Seek common interests, goals, and experiences with the people you meet.
22. Make an effort to help people if you can.
23. Let others play the expert.
24. Be open to answering common ritualistic questions.
25. Be enthusiastic about other people’s interests.
26. See that the time is balanced between giving and receiving information.
27. Be able to speak about a variety of topics and subjects.
28. Keep up to date on current events and issues that affect our lives.
29. Be willing to express your feelings, opinions, and emotions to others.
30. Use T when you speak about your own feelings and personal things, rather than “you.”
31. Visually show others that you are enjoying your conversation with them.
32. Be ready to issue invitations to others to join you for other events/activities to further the relationship.
33. Find ways to keep in touch with friends and acquaintances you meet.
34. Seek out others® opinions.
35. Look for the positive in those you meet.
36. Start and end your conversations with the person’s name and a handshake or warm greeting.
37. Take the time to be friendly with your neighbors and coworkers.
38. Let others know that you would like to get to know them better.
39. Ask others about things that they have told vou in previous nonversation
40. Listen carefully for free information.
41. Be ready to ask open-ended questions to learn.
42. Change the topic of conversation when it has run its course.
43. Always search for the things that really get another excited.
44. Compliment others about what they are wearing, doing, or saying.
45. Encourage others to talk to you by sending out positive signals.
46. Make an effort to see and talk to people you enjoy.
47. When you tell a story, present the main point first and then add the supporting details.
48. Include everyone in the group in conversation whenever possible.
49. Look for signs of boredom or lack of interest from your listener.
50. Prepare ahead of time for each social or business function.

50 Ways To Fuel A Conversation, by Debrah Fine

Tattly Sleeve Kit

I can’t get over how cool and realistic looking this sleeve kit is from Tattly. Designed by real tattoo artist Jessi Preston.

The Universe in Verse

What are you doing this coming Sunday? I have something delightful for you: The Universe in Verse is happening again, in time for the eclipse, and you can tune in for free. Thank you Maria for gathering these wonderful humans.

If you do watch it, please consider sending a contribution Maria’s way. She is extremely generous in making this experience avaialble at no cost.

The Butter Emoji

There is a butter emoji? Did you all know?

My life is complete.

Waving from from my #butterverse.

My Doggy Ate My Essay

My doggy ate my essay.
He picked up all my mail.
He cleaned my dirty closet
and dusted with his tail.

He straightened out my posters
and swept my wooden floor.
My parents almost fainted
when he fixed my bedroom door.

I did not try to stop him.
He made my windows shine.
My room looked like a palace,
and my dresser smelled like pine.

He fluffed up every pillow.
He folded all my clothes.
He even cleaned my fish tank
with a toothbrush and a hose.

I thought it was amazing
to see him use a broom.
I’m glad he ate my essay
on “How to Clean My Room.

Darren Sardelli

(thank you Ella)

Modern Birdhouse Matz

Now this is a stunningly minimal and beautiful birdhouse. Designed by Michael Hilgers. Would gladly adopt. (Looks like it will be available in their online store later in February) allows you to listen to a random forest. This is beautiful.

(Thank you Book of Joe)

Ice Fishing Huts

Ice Fishing Huts. Made me look! Wow!

(via Present and Correct)

RSS Anything

This site transforms any old website with a list of links into an RSS Feed.

(via Chris)

Now is Better

The conversation starts at 16:47

We closed out our CreativeMornings/NYC year with a conversation between two design legends, Debbie Millman and Stefan Sagmeister. I love Stefan’s orientation towards optimism and urging us to think longterm. Jump to the start of their conversation by clicking here and skipping over all the intros. You can buy Now Is Better Book here.

Things That Aren’t Doing The Thing

“Preparing to do the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Scheduling time to do the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Making a to-do list for the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Telling people you’re going to do the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Messaging friends who may or may not be doing the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Writing a banger tweet about how you’re going to do the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Hating on yourself for not doing the thing isn’t doing the thing. Hating on other people who have done the thing isn’t doing the thing. Hating on the obstacles in the way of doing the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Fantasizing about all of the adoration you’ll receive once you do the thing isn’t doing the thing.

Reading about how to do the thing isn’t doing the thing. Reading about how other people did the thing isn’t doing the thing. Reading this essay isn’t doing the thing.

The only thing that is doing the thing is doing the thing.”

Things that aren’t doing the thing

Karl Lagerfeld Home Library

Gasp! This library!

The Poem


Zum Clean Laundry Soap

I am obsessed with the smell of this Zum Clean Frankincense and Myrrh laundry soap. I get asked all the time, “Tina, what’s that subtle, delightful scent?” And after I ran a load of laundry the entire home smells so good. It’s a non-toxic plant-based liquid laundry soap.

Reading Rhythms

Reading Rhythms is not a book club. It’s a reading party. Read with friends to curated music. I love this idea!

If You Could Change One Thing About Your Body

Stay until the kids come on. They are so pure. Heart melts.


I feel this.


I am ready. Hibernation mode: ON

I Feel This

A Way of Life

(By Case Kenny)

Élodie Antoine

The buttons on this shirt by Élodie Antoine are a thing of beauty.

Lettuce Baby

My heart needed this.