Help Your Senior Neighbors

Umbrella coordinates grocery delivery and medication pick up for seniors. They are looking for volunteers (especially in NJ and NY) who are willing to shop for elderly neighbors. I love everything about this! Sign up to volunteer.

Animals Doing Things

This wholesome Instagram account is giving me live: Animals Doing Things.

Photography by Joshua Dudley Greer

These photos made me look.

(via Bailey)

Meaningful Gatherings in this Time

Priya Parker shares tips on how to approach and reframe how we gather in this strange time of social distancing.


As a boy with an exceptionally long nose accidentally falls into a cake, his life changes in unforseen ways. Equipped with a Super-Nose he begins to reexplore life. But everything comes at a price. Weird and beautiful. Congrats Vincenz Neuhaus!

Household Item Chairs

The “Isolation Chair” hashtag has gone viral. If you’ve not heard of it, it resembles a first-year Industrial Design school assignment: Grab some random materials and quickly assemble them into the likeness of a chair.

Business Hours

I feel this especially in this strange time.

How to Open Doors Hands-Free

This simple 3D-printable attachment lets you open doors hands-free. Want.

Andrà Tutto Bene

(Thank you Libby)

Rules for Living

Rules for Living.

Stephen Morrison

I feel this dogs by Stephen Morrison. He sells some of his “isolation buddies” over on his Instagram. Check them out.

Homeschooling your Kids? Check out this Website:

Homeschooling your kids? This website might be helpful. Thank you Craig Lockwood.

Modular Cat Tree

Catssup turns your existing shelf into a cat tree! Brilliant!



Thin Slices of Anxiety

From Catherine Lepage’s Thin Slices of Anxiety.

Absurd Times

I feel this.


My friend James Sill created a virtual Sofasinger choir. I participated in the first event yesterday and it was the most heartopening experience you could think of. 400+ people from around the world tuned in, from their living rooms to sing along with James. The best part: You can’t hear any of the others, you just hear James and yourself. It’s like singing freely in the car, by yourself, but seeing 400+ doing it with you. He is being featured on BBC News today at 6pm and so they scheduled another one today at 11:30am EDT or 3:30pm GMT. Join by opening your web browser and going here:

This is humanity at its best!

For more info, follow James on Instagram.

Stay Home

Starting tomorrow all schools are closed in NYC. For weeks, if not months.

Wow! I can’t help but feel as if the earth is resetting itself.

So many are suffering, but I also see so much humanity in action. People opening their hearts and helping each other, finding moments of joy.

Humans are resilient. We will be ok. All will be ok. But for now, let’s stay home.

Stress Reducing Guided Meditations

So many good answers in this thread. Feel free to add your tip below in a comment.

Feelings Wheel

How am I seeing a Feelings Wheel for the first time? This is so helpful in understanding emotions. (Also comes as a print to put up on the walls!)

The Case of the Missing Hit

This latest Reply All episode is *delightful*. It’s about a man in California who is haunted by the memory of a pop song from his youth. He can remember the lyrics and the melody. But the song itself has vanished, completely scrubbed from the internet. PJ takes on the Super Tech Support case.

Maple Cream

I was invited for brunch at a friend’s house this past weekend and got introduced to Maple Cream. My life will never be the same. It’s as if a creamy honey and maple sirup had a baby. It’s a sweet, creamy, delicious spread. HEAVEN!

Single Sheet of Paper Zine

I love this so much.

Leaving and Waving

For 27 years, Deanna Dikeman took photographs as she waved good-bye and drove away from visiting her parents at their home in Sioux City, Iowa. She started in 1991 with a quick snapshot, and continued taking photographs with each departure. She never set out to make this series. She just took these photographs as a way to deal with the sadness of leaving. It gradually turned into their good-bye ritual. And it seemed natural to keep the camera busy, because she had been taking pictures every day while she was there. These photographs are part of a larger body of work she calls Relative Moments, which has chronicled the lives of her parents and other relatives since 1986. When she discovered the series of accumulated “leaving and waving” photographs, she found a story about family, aging, and the sorrow of saying good-bye.

I love this so much.

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