Designer Hoodie

I’d totally wear this Designer Hoodie, by Tanner Christensen.

Avoid The Temptation

This is hard one.

Architecture in Music

My heart can barely handle the awesomeness that is this photo series titled Architecture in Music by Charles Brooks. What would it feel like to live inside your musical instrument?

ps: if you love these, you can buy a print.

A Posse of Misfits

Create magic together.

Emojy To Scale

This Emoji to Scale site is delightfully silly.

How Big Is Our Universe?

An updated version of Powers of Ten, based on current science. Fascinating.

A Kindness Log

Loving these instructions for keeping a Kindness Log.

(Thank you Annie)

Rope Leash

It’s happening. I have become a person who posts about design-y dog products. This rope leash is pretty. (Comes in a set with poop bag holder and collar. I am into it.)

Kimono Patterns

Designs from Kimono Pattern Books (ca. 1902). Delightful.

Heritage Apples

Tom Brown has spent most of his retirement tracking down all-but-extinct apple varieties that once thrived throughout Appalachia, US. I want to be like Tom when I grow up.

Don’t Be Afraid

This is lovely. Thank you for your gift, Gasta.

Busy Simulator

OMG! The Busy Simulator made me laugh. But then also cringe. Try it.

(via Chris)

Swedish Mitten Museum

Swedish Mitten Museum. Glorious!

(via Present & Correct)

How To Use A Comma

I needed this humorous and visual comma rules refresher.

Photography by Daphne Kladis

I am enamored with Daphne Kladis’ aesthetic.

Meyer Lemon Tart


My friend Barbara made this Lemon Tart by Claire Saffitz yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about it. It was the most delicious desert I have ever had. 

Family Travel Duffel

I am trying to figure out if this Family Travel Duffel is genius or silly. A duffel with multiple compartments, one for each family member.

What Makes People Look Like Their Pets?

Illustration by Mark Alan Stamaty

This article on What Makes People Look Like Their Pets? by Jesse Bering made me chuckle.

Custom Face Stickers

I love idea of making custom face stickers.

Scrabble Book

What a fun gift: It looks like a book but it’s in fact a Scrabble Board Game.

Things Are Shockingly Possible

Big fan of Adam J.K’s Unsolicited Advice 2022 Weekly Planner and Journal. The cover alone is making me want to buy it.

The Art of Disappearing

Really enjoying it starting 1:19.

Andrew Moore

I had the pleasure to meet the impressively talented photographer Andrew Moore in a dogpark last week. As a lover of space, architecture and seeing beauty in the mundane, his photography makes my heart sing.

It never ceases to amaze me how many incredibly talented, creative humans live in NYC. Also, dogs are friend-making machines.

10 of My Favorite Things of 2021

These are things I lovingly own:

My all-time favorite object in my house at the moment is this acorn vase.

Zena Swiss Vegetable Peeler. It might not look impressive, but let me tell you, this thing WORKS!

This LED light that can hold a charge for about 10h. I use it as a desk lamp and nightstand light. (My kids are each getting one for Christmas)

The Vava short-throw home theater projector has changed our life. I honestly don’t know why I ever need to set foot into a theater again. It’s expensive but oh-so-worth-it!

This acrylic bird feeder has brought endless hours of delight to both me and my cat. (I am looking at a BlueJay in it while I am typing this.)

I have had this cat litter box for a few years but have a new found appreciation for it now that I have adopted a dog and she can’t get to the cat’s poop. It’s such a sculptural and beautiful design, I don’t mind it sitting in the corner of my living room.

One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book. I write a sentence or two every night, and in a year I can see where I was the year prior and travel in time every night. Fun!

This boldly patterned wool scarf by See Design. (I also own and love this toiletry bag.)

This Ginkgo Leaf Shaped Dog Blanket/Bed. (That’s my rescue pup. I adopted her 3 weeks ago. I love her.)

Onsen bath towels make me happy. I ilearned about them because they sponsored my blog years back. I was curious and ordered a bunch of towels and loved them so much I replaced ALL of my towels in my house. I swear by the gray Bath Towel. My kids approve of them too.

If you’re looking for more gift ideas, click through the Great Gifts category.