Chomp Jumper

I would have loved this jumper as a little kid.

(via Chris)

Amanda Gorman

Amanda Gorman took my breath away during today’s inauguration.

I cried my eyes out when Kamala Harris was sworn in. Madame Vice President! What a moment!

Where Are My Chickens?

I don’t have chickens, gut the sheer existence of this egg-pocket-apron makes me want to have chickens. It helps you collect the eggs in the chicken coop.

Animals Interrupting Wildlife Photographers

These photos of animals interrupting wildlife photographers made me smile. So stinking adorable.

(via Chris)

Ethel Smyth

Beautiful Read: Dignity, Daring, and Disability: The pioneering queer composer and defiant genius Ethel Smyth on making music while going deaf. Thank you Maria!

Everything is About to Change

What To Remember When Waking

“That moment of waking is an incredible opportunity, and it’s quite a tragedy if you go straight to your to-do list.”
– David Whyte

Embracing It All

Thank you Adam J.K. Yes, we’re singing more.

Where We Feel Emotion

This graphic about where we feel emotion made me look.

“Jootsing”: The Key to Creativity

As individuals, if we want to be creative, we need to give ourselves space to play and experiment without a set agenda. Amos Tversky famously said that the secret to doing good work is being a little unemployed so you always have hours in the day to waste as you wish. During that wasted time, you’ll likely have your best, most creative ideas.

“Jootsing”: The Key to Creativity

Zip Top Reusable Silicone Bags

These Reusable Zip Tops look really useful. Basically a more sturdy version of a Zip Loc bag but that stand up on their own and you can wash and reuse. I am here for it.

Building A Secret Cabin

There is something really lovely and wholesome about this.


Rainbow Roller Skates

Be still my heart!

Blob Opera

Ok, now, this is delightful. Thanks for making me smile, Blob Opera.

Praise Shadows

My friend Yng just recently opened an Art Gallery and Art Shop in Boston and I am thrilled for her!

I love the name of her company, Praise Shadows, which was apparently inspired by this book by Junichiro Tanizaki.

Today I was just perusing her online shop and yep, I am totally getting one of these baseball hats.

Good luck Yng. I am so excited for this new chapter in your life!

Creating Yourself

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.
Life is about creating yourself.”
— George Bernard Shaw



TeuxDeux Turns 11

Happy Birthday, TeuxDeux. Thank you for keeping me organized for 11 years straight.

(TeuxDeux is a to-do app I created in collaboration with FictiveKin. If you like checking things off, if you like simple lists, you will love TeuxDeux.)

How to draw a floating / levitating cube

(via The Kid Should See This)

Why Humans Are Obsessed with Cats

(via Kottke)

“Ich will hier nur sitzen”

For my German speaking followers: I just remembered this gem from Loriot. So delightful. Weirdly appropriate for 2020.

Gloves / Arm Warmers

These. Are. Cool.

Butter Ornament

OMG! I want a tree entirely covered in these Butter Ornaments.

(I love Butter. So much, I have an oil painting of a stick of butter in my home!)

What Do You Wish Someone Had Told You When You Were a Kid?

Click through for the responses on this thread.

My response was: Your body will tell you what is right for you and what is not. (Jobs, friends, homes, … really anything) It all comes down to resonance.