muji cd player


Oh, I love Muji’s wallmounted CD-Player – perfect for my bathroom! I can’t seem to find an online store for the US though. Bummer. I know that the MoMA stores started carrying MUJI products, this CD player is not part of their current inventory though.

You can order it here, at < ahref=>MUJI UK.

Does anyone know where I could buy one of these in the US?

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  1. MOMA design store doesn’t have any?

  2. nope. not yet. hope it will be part of their inventory soon! thanks for stopping by noah!

  3. Do you know when the Muji store is scheduled to open in New York?

  4. They are IN the MoMAstore, both in Soho and on 53rd street. Here, check it online:

  5. No, I know that. But they are opening their own store in NYC. I can’t seem to find any info on it, I’ll keep looking.

  6. When I was in New York a while back they were selling the Muji CD player at the Reed Space in the lower east side.

  7. Yay, I will go and check it out. Thank you Brendan!

  8. You can buy a Muji CD player in SOho ny. Ther is a muji store there

  9. They dont’ carry it yet. I already asked. I think they said sometime March 2008. Thanks though.

  10. Hi
    I’m looking for the Muji PPD-1 cd player- I believe it’s the mobile companion (doesn’t hang on the wall)
    Anyone know where to find it? I’ve been searching and searching…thanks!

  11. Hello, I have one of these CD players boxed new, first edition in perfectly working order if you like. its the cream color muji signature. I am in London UK and willing to post for free. get in contact if intrested.

  12. Vinny – contact [email protected] if you still have it

  13. Vinny – contact [email protected] if you still have it

  14. Vinny – contact [email protected] if you still have it