nyc transit strike part 2

I was just about to walk up the ramp of the brooklyn bridge, on my cold walk home after work, when I spontaneously knocked on the window of a white jeep, standing at a red light. A lady opened the window, and when I saw inside, I realized the car was absolutely packed. She was all apologetic: “Sorry, we’re full!” The car drove off and after just a few meters, it stopped, the window opened again and she said: “My friend is going to sit in the trunk, hop on in!” YAY! I entered a warm cozy car, filled with 5 lovely black women! They were angels that just dropped out of the sky! Not only did they drop me off right in front of my door, no, they will also pick me up tomorrow morning to take me back in AND home again. I am speechless over this level of kindness!

I love New Yorkers!

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  1. That is so sweet, what a nice way to end your day.

  2. wow, that is a lovely story! I doubt that would happen in Stockholm… Merry Christmas!

  3. Even better: the ladies picked me up this am and will drive me home again tonight! There are angels walking this planet. Seriously!

    And Karin: I found the swedish to be SO SO helpful and friendly when I was there, I am sure this would happen in Stockholm!

  4. T – your commuting stories make my heart warm. I’m sure Peanut is feeling the love too :)! best holiday wishes. Claire

  5. If ever I doubted that you lead a charmed life, your transport strike stories have shuffled those doubts right out of my head… too funny!