waking up to transit strike


There we have it. There’s no public transportation today in NYC. Subway and bus conductors are on strike. I am getting ready to bundle up and walk into work. Ugh!

The transit workers’ union ordered a strike this morning, shutting down New York City’s subway and bus system after contract talks with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority broke down – a disruption that will prevent people from going to work, cause millions of dollars in economic damage and seriously upend the life of the city in the week before Christmas. …

The city’s contingency plan


UPDATE: I bundled up, stepped outside, ready to walk into work… and just after a few steps, I was asked by some peeps in a limo if I would like a ride into the city. They were one person short. (Only cars with at least 4 riders were allowed to drive into Manhattan) “Sure!” was my reply. So, I got to comfortably ride in a a car filled with lawyers. Gotta love NYC!