smart power strip


This is so simple. You plug your PC into the main socket, and then plug your printer, scanner, monitor etc into the other sockets. When you turn off your computer, the smart unit shuts the power off to the other sockets. Saves power from constantly-on transformers, saves the environment, and saves lives from electrical fires caused by overheated DC adaptors. Also works for AV equipment.

Smart Strip Power Strip, $31
Available from Amazon

(via cooltools)

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  1. Love your site. Inspired by this–I bought it–only on glitch–to warn others. My desktop tower has a power button on the front–but an additional power switch on the back. So–unless I come back after the laborious shut down and flick that switch only then does the modem, monitor and printer shut down automatically. If you don’t have a second power switch this won’t affect you.

  2. Sassi, Thanks for letting us know!