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It’s the birthday of the author and illustrator Edward Gorey, born in Chicago, Illinois (1925). He’s known for writing and illustrating many morbidly funny books. His first was The Hapless Child (1961), about a little girl named Sophia who is picked on and abused, sold into slavery, forced to make artificial flowers, and finally run over by a car. (Writers Almanac, 2.22.06)

Edward Gorey

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  1. one of my absolute favorites…

  2. i’ve always loved his work…especially this one. The artists are always the first to leave their homes for some “remote” and undesirable alternative.
    Love the blog!

  3. Love that book, and all of Goreys work for that matter. I thought Goreys first book was The Unstrung Harp in 1953 though. not 100% on that but pretty sure :D