map distance


Want to know how far you’ve walked today or what distance you’ve been running? Check developed by Randy Troppmann. Enter your city and see a yahoo map appear. Tace your route out by clicking dots… So simple. So effective. Go Randy!

(via design*notes)

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  1. FINALLY! I have been running in NYC and estimating rudimentary mileages based on mapquest or googlemaps – except that both of those do the quickest drive route, so all of a sudden, they’re veering off my running path to head up the FDR or whatever. This is awesome!

  2. As a runner, this is one of the coolest things I’ve run across. Using my inexpensive pedometer gives me wildly varying results and I just don’t have the cash for the more sophisticated GPS systems. Now I can measure all my routes before I run or easily map out a route that’s just the distance I want.