the maclaren by starck collection

maclaren’s 2006 strollers are out – and they introduced a line designed by Philippe Starck. I am not necessarily a huge Starck fan, but I do like the super-light-weight stroller he came up with. (pictured to the right). Yes, G and I are gearing up for the ‘big purchases’ for Peanutella’s arrival, can’t you tell!? Not sure about Starcks Travel High Chair though, a bit too grown up for my taste.

I do like his manifesto:


Our children are not yellow elephants,
pink ducks, violet mice, light purple whales,
green rabbits…

Children are not cartoons, nor makreting targets.
They have other aspirations,
other visions, other dreams.

Their mothers as well.

Let us not pollute them.

Why should a woman as a mother
have to transform to become
a psychedelic zoo keeper?

In the world of children and parents,
does foolishness prevail over intelligence?
Silliness over elegance?

No. Fortunately those times have changed.
The MacLaren by Starck Collection is proof.
Children are the future.
Let us respect them.

Philippe Starck


The Maclaren by Starck Collection

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  1. Hi,
    Could you help me? Did you get the maclaren by starck? We have a 1 yr old daughter and are planning a trip to Paris in the next few months. I am looking for a nice lightweight stroller. I was thinking of the volo maclaren but i just saw for the first time the starck model. It looks cool… Do you know how much it weights?