cardboard activity house

F_7623Children are so often told what not to do, but with the build-it-yourself Nume Cardboard House, they get to be their own bosses. Once the 3D blank white structure is assembled, something kids can easily do, it is ready to be artistically customized inside and out. Decorating with crayons, markers or paints, applying fabric, toys or found objects, they can design the house as inspiration drives them, devising a unique space for full-scale play.

I would have *LOVED* this as a kid.

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  1. Oh, I so wish I had something like this as a kid. I actually did build a “town” in the garage out of cardboard boxes, but they weren’t large enough to climb inside. My wife and I have a girl on the way (due in June) and we’ll definitely buy or build something like this.

    BTW, mucho thanks for all the kid stuff posts. You’ve already pointed us at a bunch of super-cool things. I track your RSS feed like a hawk!

  2. I’m a reporter for a major national newspaper and we’re doing a story about modernist playhouses. I’m trying to find someone who has purchased one of these Nume cardboard playhouse for their kids, and to find out what both parents and kids think of the design. Know anyone? Please email me immediately at [email protected]. My deadline for a response is 4/6/06. Thanks.

  3. I would love to find one of these as a summer fun project for all the kids in our neighbourhood. Can anyone help me to source one? Many thanks!

  4. how do u make this