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How to Remove a Ring That’s Stuck on a Finger

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  1. That would have been useful information on my wedding day. We had ordered my ring prior to the wedding (size 10). When the pictures needed to be done before the ceremony, they pulled it out of the box and told me to put it on. It was really tight, but I figured that it was just me being stressed out, etc.

    After the pictures, it wouldn’t come off. Eventually, an entire team of bridesmaids finally managed to get it off for the ceremony (much pain and suffering was involved), at which point, my new bride managed to enthusiastically shove it back onto my poor finger.

    I couldn’t get it off again until midweek of our honeymoon and that was necessitated by my finger starting to turn colors.

    Turns out, my “size 10” ring actually was delivered as a size *8*.