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Zc_logozoho Creator: Some very nice ready-made web apps you can customize to fit your needs. This is certainly going to be useful on those projects that really aren’t worth busting out a full rails job for.

Some examples:

Project Tracker

To do list

(via aspiramedia)

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  1. Thanks Tina, for trying out Zoho Creator & mentioning it in your blog!

    Do try the other Zoho apps at http://zoho.com

  2. Recently, the idea of building custom business applications has become “trendy.” Virtually overnight two systems, ZoHo Creator and Coghead, have been getting a lot of attention from bloggers and the media. However, people are overlooking the most time-tested source of web-based platforms for custom-built business applications. There has been a system on the market for over 5 years successfully doing the same thing ZoHo Creator and Coghead aim to do. This system is Interneer Intellect.

    Interneer Intellect holds patents protecting much of the instant application building capabilities. This fact, on top of the years of development it has already undergone, inhibits Coghead from having a hope to ever be able to compete (in my opinion).

    If you are considering using ZoHo Creator or Coghead to build custom applications for your business I would suggest also looking into Interneer Intellect. All three systems offer their own unique strong points… but Interneer Intellect by far has the longest list of functions and capabilities. This in itself is reason enough to register at Interneer’s site and view the product demo and/or white papers.