Please meet Norman (above). We just adopted him this morning. He’s a good dog.

Norman was designed by Kelli Ronci, a former craft editor at Martha Stewart Living. In between prop styling and designing craft projects for various publications, she is busy developing Kk, her own line of handmade curiosities. This includes the line of stuffed sock toys called Play With Your Socks TM. Her lovable sock creations have gained international recognition, and in December of 2004, she began a unique collaboration with designer Paul Smith, creating sock dogs out of his amazing socks. The collection is being sold at his various shops throughout Europe and Asia.

Kelli lives in Brooklyn with her partner in crime, Jonathan McElroy, and their two very naughty cats, Zoë and Jojo Bean.

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  1. You should also check out the most excellent We’ve adopted a couple of the little guys. Kim does a wonderful job giving them each their own unique personalty.

  2. Oh, what a cute tip in here!!!
    I’m gonna check imediatelythe sites!!!!
    and…what about Peanut-ella??
    When will we see new pics of your little dancer???