Lg_peapodG and I have some trips coming up, so I am researching the perfect baby travel bed. I found the Kidco PeaPod and it seems like a smart solution. Do you own one of these? What’s the verdict?

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  1. Own one and love it. Cheap compared to the british counterparts. It was only good for the first 8 months (once they’re crawling they’ve mostly outgrown it) but it packs into a suit case making it much more transportable than a pack and play. Just wish they had a better colour palette.


  2. We had one of these for our #1 but rapidly found it to be just another thing to carry (and we try to limit that with all the other stuff we are already carrying) just put our daughter between us on the bed at night… and let her sleep on the floor on a couple of blankets beforehand…. When they are really young (and not turning over) we just slept her on the middle of the bed…

  3. you should sleep in the middle just to be safe.
    dad’s don’t have that hormonal sensitivity to sleep light + be as aware of the baby. at least not my husband. he slept very soundly + rolled over onto her + kept sleeping. i woke up + was freaked. mod*tot was okay, but i never put her in the middle again + she slept with us for over a year, because i nursed her 2 1/2 years.