bumbo seat

Bumbo1 I just got back from Target where I picked up a Bumbo Seat for Ella. She’s L-O-V-I-N-G it! So fun to see her sitting upright! Yay to Bumbo! (and no, that is not Ella in the picture)

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  1. I’m so glad they have the Bumbo at Target! Last year I gave one as a gift, and the only place I could find it was online at One Step Ahead. I’ll be buying one next year. :)

  2. wow! sitting upright already?
    isn’t she only a couple months old?
    did you get a door jumper?
    those are great!
    it’s so fun to watch your baby jumping
    they looooove it

  3. Oh no, please don’t!
    I’ve heard several times, that children need all the time they need to sit all by themselves. same with walking.
    do let them strample and wiggle and crawl, because the spine and the muscles won’t develop properly, if they sit or walk too soon.
    i don’t know if theres some book to lookup – i know this stuff because of some friends having to do with children telling me.

    best wishes, your blog is great :))

  4. As a mom of twins I can say the Bumbo Seat came in very handy for our family. I only found out about it when my guys were 6 months old so they used it for about 6 months… I just wish they came in larger sizes.

    We got ours online and got free shipping to our home so we didn’t even have to drive to the store (which as a busy mom the last thing I have time to do is go to the mall to shop).

    We bought ours at an online baby boutique called Bright Ideas Baby.

    Their website offered us all we needed to know and make our decision about using the Bumbo and its benefits. If you don’t believe me or you’ve never heard about the Bumbo Seat then read it for yourself:


    FYI… great blog! I’ll definitely be back to read more!