TSA approved luggage locks

Image Searchalert (TSA) Recognized & Accepted Luggage Lock #16247: The new SearchAlert Security window changes color from Green to Red when the TSA secured access device is used to open the lock, or when an unauthorized person has opened the lock using a counterfeit opening device. Travelers will now know when their SearchAlert locks have been opened, and whether their bags have been searched by a TSA agent, or violated by an unknown person.

Info about these locks on the TSA website.

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  1. Ahh… such a good idea.

    A relative of mine recently travelled to the US from the UK and bought some of these locks – I was a bit concerned that the locks could so easily be opend and put back that you would never know whether anyone had been through your bags. I even mooted this idea!

    Darn it! – another one of my new product money spinning ideas taken because I was too slow off the mark!!!

  2. Feels like something from a James Bond movie!