inka pen


I don’t know about you but I always seem to be scrambling for a pen. Especially these days, where Ella’s diaper bag replaced my purse. That’s why the Inkapen is *perfect* for me. I attach it to my keychain and Voila! I love it! (G, it includes a stylus tip for touch screens! I think you’d like it too!)

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  1. That’s perfect. I’d been carrying a space pen [1] around for years. I keep 3×5 index cards in my wallet. But I sometimes forget to carry it with me. This looks even better because it can attach to my keys so I’ll never be without. Thanks for posting it.


  2. Yep, I know which pen you’re talking about. The spacepen, I had one but kept forgetting putting it into my purse or could simply not find it in my ‘big black whole of a purse’. I admit though, the fisher space pen is nicer looking…

  3. Now if they’d put an USB stick into the other side of the pen …

  4. interesting .. but what happend to the old and classical style of having a pen in the shirt’s front pocket .. and always having a pen there .. as in it’s a part of one’s attire :)