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Picture_9Savory is yet another NYC restaurant guide. Savory provides comprehensive restaurant listing information, links to reviews and, for a growing number of New York City restaurants, video profiles. Neat!

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  1. Really an excellent photographer. A lot to learn from him …

  2. I totally think Alex should play Jace! I mean, he has the dangerous, sexy, yet sweet look and he’s an absolutely phenomenal actor. I’m a huge- probably the biggest- fan of the Mortal Instruments series. I pored my heart into reading those books- Cassandra Clare is an excellent writer, by the way- and I knew the characters almost as though they were my friends- figuratively speaking. I believe that if I- and other readers like me- believe that he can play the part of the beloved Jace, he can do it. We know the characters, and if we’re able to find an actor that can play that character, which is rare, it means that they are perfect for the part. Alex, if your reading this- which you probably won’t be, but just in case- know that we’re rooting for you! We see you as Jace