we’re having a baby! now what?


Four Five (!!!!+!) of my lovely friends are currently pregnant! And as I am a new mom, they all are picking my brain when it comes to baby gear, baby soothing techniques etc. They all tell me that when you ask a friend who has – let’s say – ‘a 2 year old, they forgot most of it already. I guess it’s ‘nature’ making sure that you forget the rough first weeks and the gear a baby comes with so that you’ll consider having another one. We come with built in denial mode, I love it! So, I sat down and wrote down what I remember. Here’s a(growing) list of “things I’ve discovered as a new mom”

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  1. make that 5 of your friends.
    yep, my turn too! and this list is incredibly useful.
    can’t wait to seek your guidance on baby matters.

    hope you and E and G are doing well.


  2. Now this is not baby gear as such but it is an interesting take on baby music. http://www.babyrockrecords.com/web/page.asp?pgs=products

  3. The link to your list doesn’t seem to be working? Thank you!