DIY baby safety gate


Soon baby safety gates will be a reality at casa swissmiss. The ones you can buy at the store are just plain hideous. Thank god my husband is quite the handy-man, can’t wait to show him this Homebrew baby safety gate. Beautiful!

(Thankyou/Merci/Danke Philipp!)

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  1. Yeah, that’s for sure. I actually stumbled upon like 10 or 20 pages of safety info through and one of the things they mention is safety gates. So that is definitely a MUST HAVE.

  2. Not to sound to critical…..
    But a toddler could easily get their fingers and toes into the slats and climb this gate. Also the latch is on the wrong side and could easily be opend by inquisitive hands.

  3. Good idea I like the design, but I can hear babies fingers breaking or at least been dislocated.

    Maybe if it had a backing that baby could not stick fingers in.

  4. Sorry to criticize a well-made and attractive piece of woodworking, but I must agree with Mr. T: it’s not safe. The slats are wide enough (and horizontal) to allow for climbing, yet close enough together to present a finger-entrapment hazard, and the latch is not child-resistant, so it is indeed on the wrong side. I also question the gap under the gate – it appears to be close to the 4″ maximum allowance.

  5. Did commenters actually look at his dimensions before commenting? With a 1″ gap between slats there isn’t much of a chance of a toddler being able to climb this gate…and it would take a freak accident to break fingers in a gap that wide. And while I agree that the latch is on the wrong side…I used the same kind of gate latch on a yard gate I built for my 54 year old Mother-in-law…and SHE has trouble working the latch. Store bought gates aren’t much safer folks.

  6. love this gate. i counted and measured, why in the world isn’t a 1×2 1″x2″? that is ridiculous! now all my cuts are wrong and i have to start over. if your thinking of making this you’ll need to know that 1×2’s aren’t 1″x2″. have others made this? did you put each board 1″ apart or 3/4″ apart? how tall was it in the end? how many boards did you use?