No diamonds for swissmiss. I want pearls.

8100_front_2Today’s a über-happy day at casa swissmiss! Why? I am in gadget-heaven! I have adopted a Blackberry Pearl!  What a beauty! Small, stylish and functional. And wow, the setup was a breeze! Now all I need is a chicken  ringtone… 

I am all giddy. So happy. Gadget happy! (sigh)

Blackberry Pearl

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  1. Do tell how it integrates with the mac….


  2. Welcome to the world of the Pearl! It is too too wonderful isn’t it? I got mine the day they came out and I just love it.

  3. i got one too. freakin’ sweet. no if i only had someone to show me all the tricks for it (like, I need to be able to figure how to seperate out work emails and sms messages)