walk with me blanket and hat

Wishingfish1_1917_19305208Keeping an infant cozy and completely covered in a front-worn baby carrier on chilly days used to be a time-consuming procedure that involved multiple rounds of wrapping and tucking. Until the Walk With Me Baby Carrier Blanket came along, that is! The toasty and stylish fleece blanket features an adjustable-length sack and arm ties that wrap snugly around baby, keeping everything, including little feet and hands, protected from the cold. When baby is facing inward, use the blanket’s built-in hood; when facing outward, pop on the adorable matching hat. Compatible with most front-worn baby carriers (such as Baby Bjorns). For mom/dad, there’s also a pocket for stashing a pacifier, keys, or some cash.

This is brilliant and nice-looking at the same time! Me want! Available at wishingfish.com

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  2. That looks comfy :)

  3. This just came out over in the Netherlands.
    I think it is great for the cold and rainy weather! Plus, I have a friend that uses it constantly over the carseat and loves the fact that it detaches easily, so the baby never needs to get too warm.

  4. oops!!!! forgot to put the site….