D.I.Y. photo block kit

Now, this is a really cool gift idea:
The D.I.Y. Photo Block Kit. Amit from Photojojo sent me one and I got all giddy checking out the contents! The kit includes everything you need to create two sets of photo blocks right at home. Just add photos! (You’ll need scissors and a ruler. But we think you probably have those already.)

They are only going on sale tomorrow morning, but Amit was willing to take orders from swissmiss readers already today! You’ll be first in line. Order them here.

I am getting all excited about these. I think will make 2 with portraits of family members for our little Ella to play with. What fun to ‘create’ new face constellations. Oh, I am having so many ideas what one could do with these… YAY, D.I.Y Photo Block Kits!