Mous Lamrabat

Loving these photographs by Mous Lamrabat.

Andrew Zuckerman Prints

Andrew Zuckerman launched an online shop. His prints are stunning. Absolutely stunning. This Mandrill Monkey won my heart.

Polaroid Lab

This nifty gadget converts your digital pictures into analog Polaroid prints. FUN!

Human Furniture

Human Furniture by David Blazquez. Definitely made me look.


Love this photo of Vivian Maier’s The Color Work Book.

Photography by Brooke DiDonato

Brooke DiDonato has a photographic eye that makes me gasp. Beautiful!

‘Cones of Shame’

I giggled upon seeing this interpretation of a ‘dog cone of shame‘.

David Urbanke

Absolutely loving these photographs by David Urbanke.

I love her!

I don’t know who she is, but I dig her.

Waikiki No. 4

Love this print by Max Wanger called Waikiki No. 4.

Unequal Scenes

Unequal Scenes is an unsettling photo series portraying scenes of urban inequality.

(via Dense Discovery)

10ft Selfie Stick

This 10ft Selfie Stick made me giggle!

The Only Way Out

I feel this.

I Feel This

I feel this image.

I Feel This:

I am feeling this photograph by Luca Anzalone.


Beetle Puzzle

This Beetle Puzzle by DOIY is stunning. Comes with a adhesive sheets to stick the puzzle pieces together to frame or display as art at the end.

Please Close the Gate

This made me laugh.


These firework images made me look.

Giles Duley

I just arrived in London after a spectacularly heart-opening three days at the Do Lectures in Wales. I will be mentioning many of my experiences and people I met over the coming weeks here, one simply can’t wait: I had the incredible pleasure get to know Giles Duley, which I would now describe as the man with the biggest, most fearless, most empathetic heart I have ever met.

If you are moved by his story, please join me in supporting his charity Legacy of War Foundation.

The Observers

Mad respect for my friends Wesley, Paul and Jeff for launching their latest labor of love:

The Observers is a curious community dedicated to photography and books, an interview series in which notable photographers, curators, and filmmakers speak about the photo books that inspire their work.

Please Someone Take Me Here…

This is where I want to be. Right now.

Rainbow Long Exposure Photography

I can not stop looking at these rainbow long exposure photographs by Daniel Mercadante. He captured his partner running with a custom built lighting rig. So much appreciation for this. So much!

Rest Poster

Lovely poster titled Rest, by E. Dunker.

Yes, Buttons, Dials

A growing collection of keys, buttons and dials. Love this.