Saks Fifth Avenue – new identity


A new identity designed by Pentagram for iconic New York retailer Saks Fifth Avenue launches on January 2, 2007. After the jump, partner Michael Bierut describes the process behind the development of an identity with more variations than there are electrons in the known universe.

Read more about this on the Pentagram Blog.

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  1. hallo swissmiss, – kind regards from the swiss-mess. nein, natürlich nicht. die schweiz ist schön :-)
    tell me, machst du ausser bloggen oder merchandising noch andere sachen? jeder schweizer aggregator ist voll von deinen posts. aber eben, wenn du taschen und andere gestylte sachen verkaufen willst, oder eine provision einsacken, dann ist bloggen auf teufel komm raus wohl pflicht.

    however, wie auch immer: again: kind regards from the real schweiz

  2. hi tina! my name is Matt..i just wanted to drop in and say hi! and a big congrats for your cool blog. I am reading you almost every day & also i added you in my “must read blogs” category.Keep up the good work! I hope u r enjoying your hollidays with your family. fare well!
    (ps: say hi to “G” and the little one!) [wink]