singing birds (with an off-switch)


I saw one of these little birdies at my friend’s house and couldn’t take my eyes of it. They look amazingly real and chirp/move up a storm. Yes, it might eventually get annoying, but hey, there’s an off-switch! Ha! Availablet at DWR. (If you like them, hurry up, I was told that DWR is phasing them out!

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  1. Hey, you can get these a lot cheaper elseware. They are called “Breezy Singers.” Here is another site that has them:

    I’m eyeing that Northern Saw Whet Owl to put in my building hallway. Wouldn’t that be nice greeting?

  2. I love hearing the singing of birds.Those little fellows will help me to hear this every day at my home and this sounds great.I am a nature lover and this will enable me to be close to it somehow.

  3. This is the cutest thing I have ever seen. My husband is an avid bird watcher and will love this.