Green Lullaby Cradle


This cardboard cradle meets all the usual standards. It’s flame retardant and meets the EU’s safety and performance for cribs and cradles. However, unlike traditional cribs, you won’t need any tools to assemble it and you can either store flat when done or recycle the cardboard. Keep this crib in mind for traveling as well. For infants up to three months old.


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  1. brilliant! but it’s too expensive, isn’t it?

  2. great idea for those of us with friends who have little ones – a place to nap or sleepover.

  3. If you could feel the weight of my grandson’s travel cot you would understand why I think this is one great design. A dream to assemble, being an added bonus.

  4. Hopefully the $20 Target version isn’t far behind! ;-)

  5. did anyone mention it looks like a take-out chinese food container?

  6. Yes, I’ll have the #6 hunan chicken, and the #14 human baby, Please.

  7. …reminds me of this:

  8. … and now i wish I never commented.

  9. Stop it guys! That’s just wrong.

    I love this cradle!