Nicholas Feltron | Personal Annual Report


Nicholas Feltron came out with his latest Personal Annual Report. Nicholas is a New York based designer and ‘oh so talented’. Thumbs up!

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  1. So brilliant!! I ordered a printed copy, hope he sends it to me here in Spain. Maybe I will hire him to do my company´s year report!

  2. Any idea what the condensed typeface is?

  3. Trade Gothic Condensed? Not sure. Why don’t you email Nicholas?

  4. Just an amazing idea. I can think of several applications for this…business apps. Very clever, indeed. Thanks for this great find!

  5. Juan – I’ve tried to respond to your email, but it keeps getting returned…

    Alchemi – The typeface I used is Opti Giant (though I’m not sure if it’s available anywhere)

    cheers, nicholas