PLAY+SOFT has been a long-term project: a collaboration between Reggio Children in Italy and a team of international designers (e.g. Andrea Branzi, James Irvine, Stefano Maffei, Sophie Larger, Denis Santachiara, Harry Koskinen, etc.) I is unprecedented in its coherency and breadth, and certainly in its credible research background (with experts in the field of child development and pedagogical research). It is founded on principles of introducing aesthetics and new sensory qualities into children’s environments: the principle that ‘children deserve beauty’.


A protected place. A small space for playing, talking or resting, alone or in a group. The ‘cocoon’ responds to two opposing and co-existing needs of children: the desire for protectiona dn the desire for movement.


A truncated cone shelter with an hole for access and two ‘eyes’ to look out without being seen (or to peek inside to see who’s there). The opening at the top allows light to enter and enables adult intervention if needed.


A soft mat in the form of a fried egg. The yellow is a cushion and a focal point, creating a centre of gravity to define a space.
(150 x 224 x 8 cm)


Modular elements of soft transparent bubbles. These can be joined together to form a carpet – a soft, but resistant surface – for motor play, games, and socialisation.
(66 x 75 x 4 cm)

(thank you matthew)

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  1. We need someone to sell these items in the US! Fantastic.

  2. I just got back from Reggio Emilia. I was attending a conference at the Loris Malaguzzi International Center were the Pay + Soft exhibit is. It was amazing to see how supportive of a child’s environment these peices are. I spent about 20 minutes exploring.