Explorer Globe

15explorerglobe1_v1_m56577569830495279_1I got my godson Thilo (in Switzerland) an Explorer Globe for christmas and I got to see it myself for the first time last week. (The power of the internet(s)!) All I can think now is that I want one myself. I could have spent hours checking out different countries, learn about population, capitols, bodies of water, time zones etc. I especially liked the quiz-mode where you have a certain amount of time to find as many countries as possible.

Explorer Globe What a smart toy. EllaBella, want one?

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  1. hmmm .. i saw this couple of months ago at Sharper Image store .. and well it doesn’t work that well .. the pointer was working and for many places, the pointer said the wrong country name. The idea is so cool, but the product is ok ..