lullaboo rocking horse


Hop on the jumbo rocking horse sized for multiple riders…see how many you can saddle up! Perfect for parents needing to let the inner child out to play. (And perfect for tiny NYC apartments! Ha!)

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  1. Oh! I had a rocking boat very similar to this rocking horse. Hum… I feel like getting this rocking horse now.

  2. Neat – fun … but not so attractive!

    Check out the amazing full-size rocking horses here:

    I know the artist and have seen his work in person. It’s mind-blowing.

  3. […] and making a fool of yourself, hope on the jumbo Lullaboo Rocking horse and play with your kids. Check it out Rocking Horse Skeleton If you thought the Day of the Dead rocking horse looked macabre, take a […]

  4. i love it!!!!!!!!!!!