built laptop portfolio case


Oh man, I wish I could simply ‘upgrade’ my Built Laptop Sleeve to the Laptop Portfolio Case. Beautiful and practical! Its made out of extra-durable Strong-Rib (a fabric developed to protect divers from coral abrasions) in combination with a thick 5mm neoprene core. Best of all, as it conforms to the size of your computer, its unique bone shape creates an instant built-in bumper system for extra protection at the corners.

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  1. I really do want one of these.

  2. I ended up buying the brown one after you posted this. I’ve been seen carrying my Powerbook to Starbucks many times since it has arrived resulting in having been a lot more productive. This really is the best bag I’ve found yet, and I’m awfully picky. You may want to consider getting this anyway, even if you already have the sleeve. Oh sweet minimalism. The shoulder strap is quite comfortable as well.

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  4. hello,

    I need a sample of this green laptop case how much it is for?