cardboard bassinet


This just had me laugh out loud. And in all seriousness, I actually like it. Customisable Cardboard Cot Bed

(via designersblock)

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  1. Here in Finland, every mom gets before giving birth a so called maternity package. This is basically a large cardboard box with clothes, toys, supplies and guidebooks for the baby. But the practical and fun part is that it comes with a small mattress and is supposed to double as the baby’s bed. I suppose there are quite a lot of Finns who have slept their first nights at home in a cardboard bed.

  2. So pleased you like it also. I was beginning to think I was the only one. Thanks

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  4. I love this idea. I love cardboard design. I am looking for a light weight co sleeper. I think this is perfect. Good thing I know a box designer.

  5. I love this idea.