FUTURO perpetual wall calendar


Imagine this: A wall calendar that shows dates and corresponding weekdays forever! Impossible you say? Peter Woudt, the designer behind FUTRO perpetual wall calendar will prove you wrong. How it works: There are only 7 days a month can start on and only 4 different month lengths (28, 29, 30 and 31 days). So with only 14 double sided inserts all 28 variations are covered. All the cards you will ever need are contained inside the calendar!

FUTURO perpetual wall calendar
. Me likey!

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  1. Der letzte Kalender, den man braucht.

    Nur ein Kalender für alle Monate und Jahre – der FUTURO perpetual wall calendar. Jeder Monat kann an einem der sieben Wochentage starten und ein Monat kann 28, 29, 30 oder 31 Tage haben – das gibt 28 mögliche Monatsarten, die hier über 14 doppelsei…

  2. Hey, I remember him! :)

  3. Thank you for posting this. I called CB2 after I saw this calendar in their catalog and of course they didn’t have a clue. Why bother featuring something in their catalog that you can neither identify nor order?!