preview #6 of “highrise”


37signals is about to reveal their latest app:

Highrise: It is all about people. Who you (or your co-workers) talked to, what was said, and what needs to be done next for/with these people/companies. Every contact in Highrise gets a page. You and your co-workers can add notes from calls, conversations, meetings, or any other historic information about this person to this page. You can also attach files, attach notes to cases (more on cases in another post), and set permissions on specific notes. It’s sort of like a weblog about each person you do business with. In the sidebar of a contact page you’ll find any tasks related to that contact, the ability to add a new task about that contact, contact info, and an “about” section where you can post their bio, background, or anything else that might be relevant. …

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  1. This sounds really interesting. Thanks for posting it. I could see some good uses for this at my company.