argington | fundy play table


I about to burst from furniture-purchase-anticipation: We put in an order for the Argington Fundy Play Table. G and I completely fell in love with it when we saw it at Brooklyn Designs today.

The top surface is made of chalk board (love it! The table features two storage areas with slow closing safety hinges. The stainless steel legs are adjustable in height so it can grow with the kid. I kept looking at G saying that this would actually make a cool coffe table. Ella, watch out, we might have to fight over your Fundy once it gets here…

(The couple that runs Argington is truly delightful. Meeting the enthusastic designers behind a piece of furniture makes a purchase really special. Hat tip to Jenny and Argie Andrew!)

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  1. it’s actually jenny and andrew (argie is jenny’s last name).

  2. We gave our daughter a Fundy for Christmas last year and she loves it. It has ended up as the “coffee table” in the family room and she uses it for something almost daily. It is a very nice looking, very rugged piece of furniture that manages to hold all of our daughter’s art supplies.

  3. It is very nice, indeed. Having first had an industrious, creative girl who spent hours a day in her own ‘studio’ (desk in a corner with endless art supplies and books on tape) I would caution parents of boys from buying a piece of furniture on wheels. I “pooh-poohed” my sister’s advice (she’s mother of 2 amazing boys) when she warned me against buying a cool-looking coffee table on wheels saying my son would ‘drive’ it all around the house leaving a wake of dented walls and smashed corners. So true. Probably any gender child would be tempted to do the same, but boys particularly seem helpless in the face of such a thrill. Nevermind the locks! Got wheels, will drive!