“in the pocket baby”


In the pocket baby seems to be a kids-chair-harness system for on the go. I don’t speak a word of swedish so I just go by the pictures… Looks cool!

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  1. It IS cool! I have one myself. So easy to bring and use. And from a sefety aspect it’s great! I know they have some pretty cool bibs as well, but I haven’t tried them yet.

  2. Here’s the English translation:

    Every parent of young children has got to be sick of hauling stuff! With the IN THE POCKET BABY® KID SEAT in your pocket, you’ll have less to carry when you’re going on holiday or to a dinner night out. In a matter of moments you can magic up a comfortable and secure seat for your child by securing the “pocket seat” to an ordinary cafe or dinner chair. You can use it from the time your child can sit upright by him- or herself at approximately 6 months until 2 years of age. When not in use, the “pocket seat” folds into an integrated pouch.

    In combination with the IN THE POCKET BABY® BOOSTER CUSHION, the baby pocket seat can be used instead of a regular high chair until 2 years of age.

  3. how can I get one? how much is it?